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Summer 2018  |  $2,900

The Village of Hope orphanage in Ghana, West Africa is home to approximately 250 children ranging from infants to college students. The children are brought to the orphanage from off the streets, abusive or dangerous living conditions, and even rescued from child slavery. They live in 11 houses, each with between 20 and 25 children, overseen by couples who devote all of their time to raising these children as their own. Additionally, the campus consists of a nationally accredited hospital, a dental & eye clinic, Hope Christian Academy (a primary school of 700+ students, one of the best in Ghana), Hope College (a high school), the Village of Hope Church of Christ, staff houses, and guest houses. In other locations outside this campus, Village of Hope also runs feeding programs for street teens, a vocational training institute, local evangelist support, and another primary school. 

Our primary focus is to provide love and encouragement while developing and furthering long-term relationships with the children, parents, and staff of Village of Hope. We strive to aid in the efforts of Village of Hope to help these children grow into strong Christian leaders that will impact their communities, both spiritually and otherwise. Each year, our two-week trip looks different as we utilize the unique skills and gifts of our team members to facilitate various activities, while also assessing current needs and new areas for partnership. The team has a special emphasis on improving reading skills, both in and outside of the school. Some of the trip's activities include but are not limited to: working in the nursery, primary and high schools, assisting with after-school tutoring and reading programs, providing support (administrative or medical, if applicable) at the hospital, facilitating small group devotionals and discussions with the children, quality time with house parents, and many more!