Lipscomb launches a new season of missions with a fundraising event unlike any other. Lipscomb’s DISCOVER event invites people to learn about and get involved with Lipscomb Missions while simultaneously providing a unique way to get immersed in the culture of three vastly different places around the globe. NYCLipscomb Missions has sent people around the world to serve, and DISCOVER will highlight three trips from 2012—New York City, India, and Honduras—so that others might gain a better understanding of the impact that mission trips have on those who go and those whom they serve.

A metropolis of skyscrapers, subways, and streets that refuse to sleep, New York City comprises parks, theaters, and over 4,000 street food vendors! It is no wonder that this vibrant urban area is the most populous city in the United States. Well-known for historic trade passages, artistic architecture exemplified in such buildings as the Taj Mahal and the Lotus Temple, as well as Bollywood, India is the second-most populous country in the world. Mountains, cloud forests, bananas, and coffee stretch as far as the eye can see in Honduras, a Central American country noted for its biodiversity having over 700 species of birds and 630 species of orchids.

IndiaNew York City, though vibrant, has 53% of 8th grade students not meeting the state’s standards on English and mathematic assessments. Of the over 1 billion people living in India, 78 million are homeless. Although Honduras has riches in biodiversity, many Hondurans live in poverty. The goal of Lipscomb Missions is to aid a broken world through service to bring glory to God’s name. Lipscomb Missions accomplishes its goal by sending students to tutor the New York City children for their state exams; to aid Indian church leaders and staff so that they might better help the community; and, to construct houses that will provide protection and a homey environment for Hondurans in need.

Lipscomb’s Associate Athletic Director for Spiritual Formation, Brent High, led two trips to Honduras this year: a group of male athletes in January and the softball team in August. With some trepidation, High led the January trip; but he gained an overwhelming sense of peace as everyone worked together and for one another to build homes for those in need.

HondurasHaving such a memorable time, he knew he wanted to return with more Lipscomb athletes so that they might have the same life-altering experience. Concerning the two trips, High noted, “It was remarkable to see the change among the athletes. Not only did they forge relationships with the local Hondurans and the mission teams, but they grew closer in their relationships with their teammates. Though we impact the lives of those served during a mission trip, it is usually those who serve that receive the greater impact.” High hopes to have the individual teams of Lipscomb’s seventeen sports teams go on at least one mission trip during their college career so that the teams grow closer while glorifying God in the process.

This story along with several others will be told on Tuesday, September 18th at 6pm during the open-house style DISCOVER event. Participants will first get a cultural taste of Lipscomb Missions. Ten teams will prepare and serve native foods from the places they visited while sharing testimonies of their experiences in the mission field. Then, participants will embark on a guided audio tour through carefully designed sets for the locations mentioned above.  Imagine being able to experience these unique places and hearing the stories of mission team members by merely stepping through a doorway in Lipscomb’s Ezell Center! T.J. McCloud, overseer of the creative aspect of DISCOVER states, “This year promises to be really exciting due to this wonderful, experiential representation of Lipscomb Missions.”

So, come one, come all to DISCOVER and see New York, India, and Honduras in a new light. For more information and to RSVP, please visit or call 615.966.6049. Free childcare will be provided via DISCOVER Kids.