Still looking for a spring break mission trip? Monterrey could be the perfect fit!

Spring Break 2013 will find Lipscomb taking a new mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico. Partnering with Back2Back Ministries, the trip will be led by freshman Elias Magana. “Back2Back does a good job of having a holistic approach,” Magana says, “They don’t just focus on physical and spiritual needs but also on the social, emotional, and educational needs as well.”

Established in 1997, Back2Back Ministries strives to make improvements in the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in the developing countries of our world, with a focus in Mexico, Nigeria, India and Haiti. The organization finds its roots in Christianity, as they strive to fulfill God’s mandate to care for the orphans through their actions, heart, and attitude. Having an extraordinary passion for the fatherless, Back2Back allows volunteers to be a part of the process of internally and externally restoring the lives of children across the world.

Having spent several summers serving with Back2Back, Magana expressed interest in starting a Lipscomb trip during Quest Week 2012. “I went to the Missions Info Session and asked Mark Jent if people could start new trips, and he told me of course!” he explains. Magana immediately began the lengthy process of applying for a trip, and six weeks later, the trip had achieved approval status. “We have not had a new trip launch to Mexico in nearly 10 years,” says Jent, “so we are really excited about Elias’s efforts, especially considering the fact that he is only a freshman and has so much experience serving in Monterrey.”

What can one expect if he or she goes to Monterrey this spring break? “The focus of the trip is to build relationships with the orphans,” Magana says, “I want Lipscomb to establish a relationship with Back2Back so that we can keep going back and continue strengthening those relationships year after year.” Some of the things one can expect to do include playing games and bonding with the kids, as well as participating in various activities with them. While there are much fun and games to be had, the mission team will also participate in different orphanage improvements with the kids, like painting and pouring cement sidewalks.

The Monterrey team still has 10 spots available to ones interested in serving alongside them. When asked what kind of people he is looking for as the Monterrey team completes its selection, Magana explains that he is searching for “anyone who wants to serve orphans and has a heart for the forgotten and abandoned.” This mission opportunity is perfect for those who are interested in working with children and would like to participate in the restoration of young lives on a holistic level.

To sign up for the Monterrey trip, contact Magana at If you would like to learn more about Back2Back Ministries, visit their website at