Saba (Summer)

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July 7-22  |  $1,700

This is the 15th year Lipscomb University is sending teams to the Dutch island of Saba! The size of the island is only 5 square miles. Mt. Scenery, the central point of the island, is the highest peak in the Dutch Caribbean. Crime is almost non-existent – there are only 12 police officers. There are 6 different ecological climates found on the island that include both rainforest and desert; the reef around Saba is rated as one of the top 10 places for scuba diving in the world. There is one road that stretches across the island. English is the language of choice but Dutch is the official language. Less than 10% of the residents go to church and/or are Christians.

Although the scenery is breathtaking, the people are the reason we keep coming back every year excited to serve. Every year our goal is to strengthen families, teach morality, and encourage works of service among the residents. We strive to encourage meaningful and trusting relationships within the community. This often leads to deeper questions on how to achieve a personal relationship with God. We accomplish this through activities that father/son and mother/daughter relationships, teaching classes in the elementary school and high school about God's love and His sacrifice. We host nightly devotionals that aid in unifying the community. Through our worship and study together, locals have increasingly shown more and more curiosity and desire for a deeper understanding of the Bible. Although we go to Saba excited to teach, we often end up learning more ourselves. Thenatives of Saba welcome us into their everyday lives and it is impossible to ignore the presence of God in their hearts.

Army cots, cold showers, and cramped living is no one's idea of a vacation; that is a very small price to pay to be a part of this incredible, ongoing work in Saba!