Perth, Australia

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June - July 2017  |  $3,000

The mission trip to Perth, Australia is a three week opportunity for Lipscomb students to build relationships and impact the lives of the youth and adults in the area. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the 4th most populous city in Australia. While living with their Aussie host family, the Lipscomb team will be working with Lifestreams Christian Church. Lifestreams Christian Church is a Christ Centered Community that is passionately following Jesus. This trip is for anyone who has a desire to work with children and youth to show them the love of Christ. Our ministry will work to build positive relationships, focused on Jesus' love. The team will be involved in organizing a Kids and Youth Day Camp, youth nights, mentoring, and service activities. The people of Perth are excited to have Lipscomb come share in a relational ministry that will make a lasting impact for years to come.