New York (Shiloh)

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May 2017  |  $600

Serving as a follow-up to our Spring Break ministry in the South Bronx, this team will again work with Shiloh NYC. However, this time it will look a little different. The team will spend their time at Camp Shiloh, a beautiful summer camp property located 2 hours northwest of New York City. Shiloh provides a Christian summer camp where children from New York City’s toughest neighborhoods can enjoy games, camp outs and other activities that enrich their lives socially and spiritually.

The first day will consist of helping prepare the camp’s grounds for a summer full of campers and fun! This will include physical labor tasks such as painting, grass mowing, cleaning out and organizing cabins, cabin demolition and re-construction. Over the course of the weekend, the team will facilitate a youth retreat for teens, aged 13-18. The team will create and design the retreat in their preparations prior to the trip. Following the weekend, a couple more days will be spent getting the camp ready.