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May 2018  |  $2,300

This mission team will travel to one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, Moldova, to partner with Justice and Mercy International. Situated between the Ukraine and Romania, the Republic of Moldova is known for the amount of orphans and the epidemic of human trafficking within the country.

JMI is an organization dedicated to changing lives by confronting global injustice. In Moldova, the organization runs two transitional homes, Grace House and Boys2Leaders. Both of these homes serve as a safe place to live and learn for the teenagers that have graduated from Moldova's orphanages around the age of 16. These two homes can host the teens until they are 21, providing them with life skills, education, and safety.  

While in Moldova, this team will serve in a local orphanage, getting to know the children through songs, games, and stories. We will also spend intentional time offering hope by building relationships through service to the young men and women of Grace House and Boys2Leaders. This year the team has a special opportunity to work specifically with Grace House, and host a weekend "retreat" for them. Much of the team's preparation will be planning this time spent pouring into the Grace House girls.