Brisbane, Australia

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June - July 2018  |  $3,000

The mission trip to Brisbane, Australia is a four week opportunity for Lipscomb students to build relationships and impact the lives of the youth and adults in the area. With a population of 1.5 million, Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. While living with their Aussie families, the Lipscomb team partners with the Holland Park Church of Christ as its host partner

The first week of this month long trip is spent getting settled in with host families, meeting youth from the local churches, on a 24 hour team retreat, supporting the church lectureship, preparing for Camp Talmid and all while building healthy team dynamics. The second week is spent at Camp Talmid, a five day discipleship outdoor adventure camp for teenagers. An intense relational aspect of the trip, Camp Talmid is where many of the teenagers are taken deeper in their personal faith through small group discussions, building trust through ropes course activities and simply living in community and fellowship throughout the week. The third week the team spends facilitating Christian Day Camp, a three day VBS of sorts that pours heavily into kids ages 5-12, while oftentimes being a follow-up activity for teenagers who attended Camp Talmid the previous week. The fourth week the team continues to pour energy into church families, the youth and the broader community while beginning to say their goodbyes.

In preparation for this summer trip, the team spends a significant amount of time getting to know one another along with the Australian culture and learning the overall purpose of the mission. The meets one Sunday a month November through March, then twice in both April and May. In between team meetings, the team is dispersed into smaller fellowship groups as an additional method of pre-trip preparation.

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