New York City

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March 2017  |  $900

Shiloh NYC is a Christian non-profit organization rooted in the heart of New York City and dedicated to at-risk youth and families in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of NYC. Their programs are aimed at enriching the lives of youth physically, mentally, and spiritually. Shiloh NYC has been serving the communities of NYC for over 60 years through summer camps, after school programs, academic success training, and more. 

Lipscomb has had the pleasure to partner with Shiloh NYC through missions for 15 years. We are partnered with Public School 179 in the South Bronx throughout our stay in the city, where we are teachers' assistants and representatives of Shiloh NYC to the teachers, students, and families of PS 179. In addition to our daily work within the school, we also engage with Shiloh NYC's Wednesday night youth group gathering at the Manhattan Church of Christ. The goal of our stay in New York is to partner with the work of Shiloh NYC by continuing their mission to build hope, confidence, and skills of the children, teenagers, and families we serve alongside, while recognizing the building of our own hope, confidence and skills by the ministry they provide us.