Dundee, Scotland

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March 9-17  |  $1,450

The city of Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland. It is located on the eastern coast of Scotland along the Tay River which feeds into the North Sea. Lipscomb Missions has partnered with the Dundee Church of Christ in their efforts to be a Christian presence in their community.

Over the course of a week in Dundee, the team will be working with a local high school, presenting our Christian story as part of the students' Religious Education. Working in large and small groups, team members will discuss why as Christians their identity is found in Christ and how that affects the way they live their lives. This is an incredible opportunity to exchange stories of culture, interests, and ways of life. Evenings will be spent with the local church, encouraging them in their journeys of faith by sharing meals together, hanging out in local coffee shops, and spending time in their homes.

Being a Christian in Dundee is not a common story that is told - God blesses this team with the opportunity to share the Christian story in honest and intimate ways.