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March 2017  |  $1,400

Ciudad de Ángeles is a Christian children's home on the island of Cozumel, just off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Ciudad de Ángeles provides a safe and healthy environment based on Christian principles for orphaned, abandoned, abused, and needy children living in Mexico. The home raises children to become Christian adults who are responsible citizens in their local communities. The home provides total care for all of the needs of the children - physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Ciudad de Ángeles strives to be a permanent home for these children.

Ciudad de Ángeles opened in the summer of 2002 and currently serves as home to 40+ beautiful children. In the summer of 2008, Ciudad moved into their new campus where all the children and dorm parents are together on the same property for the first time as mission teams, local workers, and Ciudad staff worked hard to complete the first three houses.

The Lipscomb group will be serving the home in a variety of ways from manual labor on the campus, to teaching activities with the kids; from local outreach in the community, to working with the local church. Our purpose is to lift up, encourage and support the kids, dorm parents, church families, and local community however they see fit. For more info on Ciudad de Angeles, visit