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March 2018  |  $1,300

For the past 15 years, Lipscomb University has partnered with Baja Missions to encourage and assist local churches and people of Baja California, Mexico. The Lipscomb team works specifically with the churches in the communities of San Quintin, one of the southernmost efforts of Baja Missions, as well as San Vicente.

Baja Missions exists to demonstrate the love of Jesus by bringing spiritual, physical and emotional relief to the people of the Baja peninsula and the growing churches in communities and villages where the gospel has never been. The purpose of Baja Missions is to use Christians and U.S. churches to aid in serving the local communities by utilizing and coordinating the various talents and resources of those who choose to serve.

The main objectives of the Lipscomb team will be providing encouragement and community support through home visits, construction and maintenance work, food and clothing relief, and nightly classes for children, teens and adults - all while forming and continuing to develop relationships with families in the communities as well as church leaders and members. The team flies into San Diego, California then travels by charter bus and Baja Missions passenger vans to their final destination.