Summer Trip Focus: Flint, MI
by Hailey Bryant, Journalist Intern

flint 1Summer 2013 will find Lipscomb taking a new mission trip to Flint, Michigan. Led by junior Elise Halterman, this new effort will be partnering with the Valley Church of Christ who spearheads a ministry event every summer – Mission Possible. “Mission Possible is a simple idea,” explains Halterman, “they want to cultivate the mission field that is right beneath our feet.”

This may be the first year for a trip to Flint for Lipscomb Missions, but Halterman has spent the last three summers serving in the area. A native of Flint, Halterman decided that it was time a Lipscomb team makes the journey to Michigan. “Flint is an area where there are very few churches,” she explains, “and that alone makes it difficult for the community to feel the love of Christ.” She has no doubt that her team will have a positive impact in the neighborhoods in which they serve.

flint 2Joining El Savador (Soccer), Brazil (Volleyball), Monterrey and Paraguay, Flint is the fifth new 2013 trip approved by Lipscomb Missions. Halterman started planting seeds within the missions staff nearly a year ago, then upon her arrival back to Nashville in the fall, she started going through the trip approval process. “We are excited about our partnership with Mission Possible. Elise’s passion for serving her neighbors in her own hometown is contagious. She has displayed tremendous poise to see this effort through,” says Mark Jent, Assistant Director of Missions. “As we find ourselves more strategic in the approval process of our new trips, the Flint effort allows us to continue to diversify our domestic outreach opportunities.”

flint 3Throughout the week the Flint team will be working closely with Mission Possible, a ministry with which Halterman is very familiar. She explains the broadness of their holistic efforts as they “reach out to the community by offering labor, repair, and care in many ways free of charge to as many people as possible.” Students will engage with members of the community in numerous ways, including visits to homeless shelters and jails as they build relationships and connect them to local ministries. The team will also participate in various children’s programs in the community along with focusing their time on home renovation and landscaping efforts as well. An abundance of vastly different service opportunities will be offered throughout the week spent in Michigan.

flint 4When asked what types of people Halterman is looking for as she completes her team, she says, “Anyone who is willing, dedicated and passionate about a spiritual uplift in an area that is so desperately in need of it.” Repeatedly stressing that no particular skill set is required, the team leader is simply wishing for willingness when it comes to those interested in serving alongside her this summer in an area in which she has seen great growth. One thing is for certain, Halterman explains, “A passion to spread Christ’s love through service of any kind is most important!”

The dates for Flint 2013 are August 3-11. If you have any questions about the trip or would like to sign up, contact Halterman at or visit the trip page. Additionally, you can view a promotional video here.