Ask most anyone on campus about a mission trip and you will find how difficult they are to describe. The intangibility of the experience makes sharing stories feel somewhat inadequate, so for the last three years, Lipscomb Missions has created an event to better illustrate exactly what going on a trip is like.

DISCOVER is a one night event where parents, donors, local churches, faculty/staff, students and others from the community who are simply interested in learning more are able to experience Lipscomb Missions in a unique walk-through exhibit presentation highlighting various aspects of how the University is serving the world. This year, attendees will have the opportunity to experience trips which are heavily engaged in ministry from the beaches of Panama City to the mountains of Guatemala.

DISCOVER article 1Saba team leader Aletha Thomas has enjoyed getting to participate in the event all three years, “It is the closest one can get to being on one of Lipscomb’s trips without boarding a plane or riding for hours on a bus,” she says, “And to see all the places Lipscomb is serving and reaching is beyond amazing!”

Instead of a typical fundraising dinner, DISCOVER is a unique opportunity to not only raise money for missions to mobilize and serve more people, but the purpose is to raise awareness of the ministry of Lipscomb Missions. “Many times alumni and community members are not able to actually go on trips over spring break because of work and family obligations,” team leader John Williams explains, “The DISCOVER event gives them a taste of what it is like in the locations where our teams travel.”

DISCOVER article 2Artfully designed sets recreate scenes of the featured trips on display for the night, giving someone passing through an idea of sounds, sights, and smells of another specific culture. “When you walk through the display, you are immersed in the culture of each location,” Williams shares. Upon entering the Ezell Center, one’s journey begins as they are quickly swept away into a reception with 10 mission teams serving food from their cultures and locations.

DISCOVER is a way for someone to engage all senses within the context of a trip with Lipscomb Missions. Senior Zach Brantley, a student heavily involved with missions, shares his past impression of the unique event, saying, “This is truly an experiential event. All the senses are stimulated.” Brantley continues to explain, “From hearing sounds of street life and music of different cultures, to the smell of dirt and the food from different cultures, to seeing actual articles of clothing, furniture, and material from other nations and a few of the faces that Lipscomb Missions has encountered.”

Join Lipscomb Missions on Monday, November 4 at 6pm in the Ezell Center. This fundraising/community awareness event is free and open to the public. Bring a friend! Parents are encouraged to bring their children and drop them off at DISCOVER Kids, where they too will have a chance to learn and experience Lipscomb Missions during the evening. For more information on the event, visit the DISCOVER web page. To RSVP, please click here.