Still searching for a spring break mission opportunity? Check out what serving in Fort Worth is all about!

Since spring break of 2009, Lipscomb has partnered with Siempre Familia Church to take a group of students to serve the Latin American community in Texas. This year’s trip will be led by Missions Coordinator, Paul Stevens and is sure to be a memorable experience. Domestic trips, those trips that are within the U.S., are often overlooked by students desiring a mission experience; however, such trips often hold some of the most powerful opportunities for ministry. “This trip is a unique opportunity,” says Stevens, “It’s different from the others.”

dfw1Siempre Familia Church opened its doors two weeks after the Lipscomb team completed its first mission there. Planted by Nancy Gonzalez, Lipscomb alum, and her husband Manuel, the church was their way of reaching out to the local Hispanic community that had engulfed the area over the past couple of decades. The Fort Worth plant is Continent of Great Cities' only church plant in the U.S. and serves the surrounding area in many ways.

Team leader Paul Stevens has previously done mission work in Baja and is familiar with the Latin American community. The spring break trip will be his first to this location and he is excited about it, as he explains, “We’re working with a church plant, which people don’t usually think about in the U.S., so the trip is quite different from the others.” International trips are great, but Stevens recognizes the importance of serving domestically as well.

What should a trip goer expect of their time spent in Fort Worth? Stevens explains that the Lipscomb team will spend time encouraging the small church family as well as the larger Hispanic community in the area. Some tasks may include working with the church youth and organizing events for families. The team may also participate in the organization and execution of community Bible studies.

dfw2When asked about what kinds of people he is looking for as he completes his Fort Worth team, Stevens explains that he is searching for a broad variety. “I would love to have people new to missions but also those who are very experienced,” he says. Since the trip is domestic, it is perfect for those who may be weary of international travel, he also stresses. Knowing the Spanish language could also be a great attribute for those interested in the trip as most of the inhabitants of the area speak Spanish as their first language. Stevens expresses his wish for the team dynamic be different every year, saying, “I hope for the trip to develop around the people that go.”

Want to learn more about the trip? Contact Paul Stevens at or view the trip page here.