mcmeen 1Alexander McMeen (’13) achieved quite a bit during his years at Lipscomb, extending the relationships with the programs he loved well after his graduation. A Nashville native, McMeen graduated from Lipscomb with a degree in Biology and a minor in General Business. During his junior and senior year, McMeen was a member of the track/cross country team. Currently, McMeen is one of Lipscomb’s graduate students pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration. His passion for missions is undeniable as he served on eight trips to Honduras and two trips to Haiti during his undergraduate years. “The reason you go on one trip is to go back,” he says, “There is nothing short-term about relationships.”

In 2011, McMeen was influential in establishing the partnership that the Athletic Department and the Lipscomb Missions now share. Missions Coordinator TJ McCloud was one of the people who had the dream that athletic teams would one day be a large part of our mission efforts. McMeen served on the first athletic mission trip, led by Brent High and TJ McCloud. That first trip had quite the impact on the student, “It gives me chills thinking about the way God put that trip together, it was nothing we could have done on our own with only a month to plan.”

The team went to Honduras and served alongside Missions Lazarus. Since having athletic teams serve on mission trips was a new idea, the team was comprised of several athletes from various sports. Recalling the experience, McMeen says, “The trip broke down a lot of barriers between different teams. We got to see a different side of each other outside of the sport we play.” Because of this trip and the dream McCloud had, Missions has the goal that every athletic team serve on a mission trip during their time at Lipscomb. McMeen is passionate about seeing athletes have the transforming experience that a mission trip can have.

mcmeen 2McMeen describes himself as one who, ‘loves to sit and visit,’ finding it ‘contagious to be around people who have a heart for the Lord.’ This winter, McMeen will have the experience to be with athletes who have never been on a mission trip before. He will be leading the track/cross country trip to Jamaica and is excited for the chance to be more than a team member. Leading athletes on a journey, he wishes for them to experience the life changing moment that he once had in similar circumstances.

McMeen says that if he had the opportunity to talk with athletic teams about serving with Missions, his statement would be simple, “There is a reason you are here, and it is more than just to play a sport. God is changing athletics through missions and God is changing missions too through athletics. Just go and trust the people leading you. What do you have to lose?”

McMeen is a wonderful example of the partnerships that can be formed with students in our program. As an athlete, he served multiple times in the same location as a team member and now has transitioned to being a team leader for an athletic trip. As a program we are grateful to have gifted students who are passionate about spreading God’s kingdom across the world.