Fifth Grade Course Listings

As our students begin in the middle school experience, our faculty strives to provide them a rich experience in both academics and related arts. Students are given opportunities to explore their interests and talents as they are asked to dig into a variety of topics and concepts in all subject areas. The class schedule allows students to move as a group for academic subjects and mic with students from other classes during other times of the day, creating a safe and stimulating learning environment.



Fifth grade Bible classes study Genesis, Psalms, and the Gospel of Mark. Lessons are taught from the scripture as well as projects, written responses, and other materials.  Bible verses are memorized to help instill a love of God's word.



The 5th Grade choral Curriculum is based on learning to sing 2-part and 3-part treble music in a variety of styles and languages. The Curriculum includes reviewing and learning the Music Basics and music symbols, following choral music, being introduced to harmony, cross-curricular study with 5th grade social studies in American patriotic Music and Music in 20th Century American Music. This chorus performs at MTVA Mass Choral Festival for 4-6th grade, “Lighting of the Green,” Chapel, Christmas, “Evening with the Arts,” and the 5th Grade American Play.



5th Grade Drama is a combination of Creative Dramatics, Storytelling, and Children’s Theatre. Creative Dramatics focuses on a child’s imagination and creativity in a positive way, allowing 5th graders to use their natural ability to “pretend” where there are No wrong answers! The students will engage in movement, expression, body language, and critical thinking exercises individually and as a team. Listening to selected children’s literature, analyzing the morals to the story, then re-enacting or re-inventing the story will enable the students to create stories of their own. The students will continue to build their imaginative skills by using technology to create animations and write their own simple stories. The students will explore characterization using puppets and their own voice. The students will also experience a Children’s Theatre production that consists of simple costumes, props, and set, while memorizing lines, and then performing in front of a small audience. All in all, this class is designed to enhance the powerful, imaginative mind of these young middle schoolers, while giving them confidence to continue in Theatre, and using their imaginations to dream and become amazing servants of God!


Literacy Block

Fifth grade students participate in a 90-minute literacy block each day. Reading, English, Writing, and Spelling are integrated with other subjects. The program utilizes several online components including Accelerated Reader and the Writing Practice Program along with online discussions. In Reading, students enjoy solving puzzles from The Reader as Detective, follow current events using Scholastic News, and make curriculum connections through a number of classroom novels including Wonder, A Wrinkle in Time, and Belle Teal. Grammar is taught using The Shurley Method which features oral practice along with jingles to teach definitions. In addition to the Writing Practice Program, students write in a number of formats and are assessed each year using the WrAP from the Educational Research Bureau. Spelling lists are pulled from a variety of subject areas throughout the year.



Fifth grade math covers a wide variety of concepts. We use a textbook, worksheets and online programs to guide our studies. Concepts that we study are basic operations of whole numbers, adding and subtracting fractions, reducing fractions, adding and subtracting decimals, basic geometry, problem solving, and critical thinking.  



The 5th Grade General Music curriculum is based on a cross-curricular, hands-on approach to learning the elements of music and the National Music Standards. Resources include McGraw-Hill’s “Spotlight on Music” texts and CD’s, keyboard lab, frequent use of iPads with appropriate music Apps, recorders, Orff-Shulwerk instruments, world percussion instruments, and much more.  All LAMS 5th graders get to experience acting and singing in a cross-curricular Musical Production about 20th Century History and Music, while they are studying about America’s history in their Social Studies classes.


Physical Education (PE)

For the younger middle school grades, Physical Education at Lipscomb Academy focuses on a variety of team sports.  We stress the concepts of teamwork and sportsmanship as the students compete with each other.



The topics covered in fifth grade Science are cells, plant systems, traits of living things, ecosystems, matter and forms of energy.  We use vocabulary and investigations to build upon scientific ideas and critical thinking.  During investigations, we collect data, make graphs and draw conclusions.  Critical thinking challenges are included in activities and learning games each day.


Social Studies

Fifth grade social studies is a study of United States geography and U.S. History from the Civil War to present.  We begin the year with a short study of geography followed by several weeks preparing for a visit to Junior Achievement’s Biztown. Students learn to the basics of economics from check writing to paying bills to running their own businesses for a day.   The historical study of our country begins where 4th grade ended with the Civil War and brings the students forward until present day.  We wrap up our study of our country’s history with a grade-wide play, A Walk Through Time, that covers all the decades of the 1900s.


Visual Art

Students focus on a variety of artists to learn about each element of design in depth. They will use a variety of mediums, practice basic art techniques, and participate in projects that remain open ended to encourage creativity. The main goal is to expose student to art and inspire them to continue their love of art.