Mathematics Majors and Minors

Majors: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Total Hours: 38-39

The Mathematics department offers a variety of courses in many areas of mathematics: calculus, differential equations, probability/statistics, linear algebra, abstract algebra, higher geometry, advanced calculus, discrete mathematics, math modeling, mathematical research and writing, history of mathematics and methods of teaching secondary mathematics. A special topics course allows students to take topology, complex variables, advanced statistics, or other subjects of interest.

Mathematics Major - Regular - 39 hours

The regular mathematics major requires 34 hours of mathematics courses and is designed to prepare students to become practicing mathematicians or to enter graduate studies in mathematics.  Recent graduates are now actuaries, statisticians, or graduate students at major institutions such as Vanderbilt University, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Georgia.  A minor in another field (student’s choice) is required.

Mathematics Major - Applied - 38 hours

The major in applied mathematics is designed for those students who have interest in engineering or one of the sciences.  This major requires 32 hours of mathematics and 6 hours of approved upper level science or engineering courses in which mathematics is applied.  Many of these students will have a double major in engineering or one of the sciences.

Mathematics Teaching Major

The mathematics teaching major requires 38 hours of mathematics and prepares students to become licensed to teach mathematics in grades 7-12.  Students are also prepared to enter graduate programs in mathematics education.  A minor in education is required.


Mathematics Minors

Applied Mathematics Minor - 18 hours

Pure Mathematics Minor - 17 hours