Train K-12 Students

Lipscomb University’s Institute for Law, Justice & Society conducts training for K-12 students on the American legal system and seeks to inspire good citizenship.

Break the Cycle Program

Targeting juvenile delinquents and youths that have already committed crimes, the Institute for Law, Justice & Society’s Break the Cycle program is designed to reach and to teach these young offenders about the American legal system. For many of these offenders, parents have failed to teach basic right from wrong lessons. Unless they are taught the conduct the law requires, these individuals are likely to continue with their illegal activities.

Civic Engagement Program

The Institute for Law, Justice & Society works with K-12 systems to design and implement programs that develop a commitment to the rule of law and to civic responsibility among students. Through hands-on training programs, students are immersed into specific national, state, and local issues and have the opportunity to make a difference.

The Law and You

The Institute for Law, Justice & Society designs law-related curriculum which can be taught in civics and history classes. This curriculum teaches students the basics of the American legal system, including basics in constitutional law. Through experiential projects, students will discover the law and its impact on their daily lives.

Law Camp

Each summer, the Institute for Law, Justice & Society hosts a week-long residential camp for high school students interested in learning more about careers in the legal arena. Students are exposed to careers as a legislator, attorney, judge, politician, lobbyist, corporate general counsel, law enforcement and correctional officer. This highly interactive camp allows students to meet and to experience the law community first hand.

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