The EU & You trip is a 10-day experience in European countries, such as England, Belgium, and Switzerland. The following quotes are from some of the students who participated in the trip this past May.


“During our tour of the UN when we walked through the WHO conference it hit me, these are the people you hear about. They are real, ordinary and people who come together to do amazing things. They exist; they aren’t just an organization and people that are talked about in the media working in a country on the other side of the world.” --Hayat 

“Many of these places one can read about and see pictures, but you can never really grasp what it is like until you are there and talking to the ones who work there everyday.” --Jordan 

“Just because people are different does not make us better than them or them better than us. Instead we should look at our differences and be able to connect and learn from others and better ourselves by developing an understanding for other people’s way of life.” --Malcolm 

“It is incredible to a have community and a culture that can rally around the idea that if I help my neighbor, then I am also helping myself. With the success of organizations like the Centre for Social Justice and the Clink it is easy to wonder what it would take to have something akin to them in America.” --Kristin 

“Leaving Europe behind not only left me with a better understanding of what migration is or what it means to be a stranger in a new land, it left me with a greater appreciation of God’s work everywhere in the world.” --Geoffrey

“I loved seeing people so passionate about forming a community that is made up with a countless number of cultures but still come together to work for the better.” --Anne Clair  

“Traveling through Europe was a mind altering experience to be able to listen to other people and see how they think about the world and the issues we all face as inhabitants of this very large world.” --Kevin 

“…being able to survive so far out of my element and sphere of control is empowering. I”m learning to trust the process. Even when I’m doing, or asked to do something that I wouldn’t normally do, or that doesn’t immediately make sense. It is uncomfortable, but I am sure that it will make me a better person.” --Chivonne



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