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When Dr. Charla Long created the Institute for Law, Justice & Society (LJS), she was charged with creating a program that would become a leader in undergraduate legal education and foster community conversation about socio-legal and social justice issues. She was asked to unite community and academic conversations bent towards encouraging the seeking of justice in all disciplines. Since its creation, LJS has been privileged to be a part of interfaith conversations, high-school students learning about liberty through the lens of the civil rights movement, conversations at the intersection of faith and politics, and discussions of crime, death and forgiveness. Our students have engaged topics ranging from human trafficking to the ethics of the American sports culture.  They have learned through local visits to prisons and courts as well as through global travel.

Our students have been formed by these conversations.  They have learned how to see and combat injustices by listening to the stories we have surrounded them with. In beginning this blog, we hope to continue our conversations on campus by inviting more people to join us. In this space, we will invite community members to address issues of law, justice, inequality, fairness and faith. We will invite students to share their work and our distinguished faculty to challenge us in action and pedagogy.

Much of what we do in LJS is framed by the challenge of the prophet Micah to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before your God.”  LJS has been blessed to learn from the diversity of ways students and community members put that challenge into action. On this blog, we hope to share with you as we learn from each other.


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