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Donor Recognition

When you make a gift to Lipscomb University, we think of you as an "investor" in the lives of students because your impact and influence go far beyond the moment of making a gift. When you invest by giving at a qualifying level or frequency, we are pleased to honor you in one of our prestigious recognition societies.

Lipscomb Associates

Learn more about the Lipscomb Associates and the Imagine event.

G.O.L.D (Graduates of the Last Decade) Associates

The G.O.L.D. Associates program is offered exclusively to those who recently earned their undergraduate degrees and want to support the university as donors who make things happen in a special way. As described above, donors in the traditional Lipscomb Associates program are the university’s core partners for increasing scholarships, launching special initiatives and enhancing the academic experience at Lipscomb. The G.O.L.D. Associates program allows alumni who are building their careers to engage with the university toward similar outcomes but with contributions of $100 for each year since graduation. For example, if you graduated last year, you would qualify with a $100 contribution. If you graduated five years ago, you would qualify with a $500 contribution. G.O.L.D. Associates also qualify automatically to attend Lipscomb's prestigious IMAGINE event each year. 

A.M. Burton Society

Named for one of Nashville’s most dedicated philanthropists and one of Lipscomb's most influential benefactors, this society celebrates those who continue Mr. Burton’s legacy with their thoughtful, long-term planning to support Christian education. Entrance to the A.M. Burton Society is granted to those who make revocable or irrevocable planned gifts (such as bequests, trusts, or annuities) to the University or Lipscomb Academy, or who establish a named endowment of $30,000 or more. Planning for your family's financial future can be a puzzle -- let us help you solve it. For more information and to become a member of the A.M. Burton Society, contact Paul Stovall, Director of the Center for Estate and Gift Planning, at or 800.333.4358, x. 5251.

Legacy Society

Membership in the Legacy Society is reserved for our most loyal and committed investors and is based on cumulative lifetime giving. Society members are recognized at seven levels:


College Fellow


University Fellow


Founders' Fellow


Chancellor's Fellow


President's Fellow


Trustees' Fellow


Legacy Fellow


Associated Women for Lipscomb

The Associated Women for Lipscomb formed in 1982, when then-university President Willard Collins hosted a luncheon for 20 women and challenged them to form an organization to advance excellence in education at Lipscomb. And so they did—now AWL members across the country raise scholarship funds for those who will enliven our campus and diversify our community. Find out how to become a member of AWL here.

Faculty and Staff

If you want to know how focused Lipscomb employees are to the future of your student, here is one great measure: Not only do our faculty and staff make Lipscomb the great university it is, they also provide substantial financial support through the annual Family Campaign. Ninety-six percent of teachers, administrators and other staff contributed more than $243,000 to the 2018-19 Family Campaign. Employees, showing your commitment to the value of a Lipscomb education is as simple as completing a payroll deduction form. If you have questions about the Family Campaign, please contact Bethany Perala at, 800.333.4358, x. 5260 (toll-free), or 615.966.5260.

For questions about giving and recognition opportunities not included here, contact the Office of Stewardship and Donor Relations at 615.966.5736 or