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College of Professional Studies Online Program

Lipscomb University’s College of Professional Studies Online Program offers a challenging academic program with a commitment to integrating academics, workplace skills, and faith for undergraduate and graduate students.

Our nationally recognized competency-based education classes and international accredited coaching master’s program are both flexible and rigorous for working students.

Through a tailored mix of innovative learning methods and strong support from academic coaches and one-on-one relationships with faculty coaches, we help our students develop their own personalized learning plan, paced so it works for specifically for them.

This approach allows students to get credit for specific skills and abilities they’ve already learned in their careers and allows them to target their learning to areas they want to develop to meet future goals.  Our online program gives people who’ve already learned a lot in life a degree to match that experience.

The College of Professional Studies offers a competency-based education in a uniquely Christian environment, and because of the personalization and online nature of the programs, our diverse students can apply their learning in the global community the very next day.

Nina Morel, Ed.D.



Expand flexible, faith-based, academically excellent online offerings to working students beyond the Nashville area.


Lead in the area of innovative instructional technology.

Professional and academic growth

Offer behavioral assessments, followed by feedback and coaching, that lead to professional and academic growth for students who may have limited access to traditional education.

About the College/Vision

The mission of the College of Professional Studies is to provide a personalized, high-quality education in a loving, faith-informed community that is focused on becoming who God intends us to be. We recognize and honor the whole student, including their prior learning. We integrate our faith mission with an innovative, online, research-based academic program, designed to help students meet their personal, academic, and professional goals.

We focus on integrating academics, workplace skills, and faith for working undergraduate and graduate students.  We are also committed to student transformation, which is accomplished through online and face-to-face learning, intensive support from academic advisors, and one-on-one relationships with faculty coaches.

Lipscomb is in the forefront of the competency-based education movement, being one of the first universities to offer behaviorally-based assessment and cognitive coaching for students.