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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

What does it mean to participate in a liberal arts and sciences education? The word ‘liberal’ in this context is not the opposite of the word “conservative.” In this context, it is the opposite of constraining. Liberal means liberating, freeing, and the study of liberal arts and sciences provides the skills of thinking, reasoning, speaking, and writing that liberate a person to function successfully and productively in the world.

Randy Bouldin, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Randy Bouldin, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Lipscomb University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the heart of the liberal arts experience at Lipscomb.  The college plays a significant role in every student’s academic journey, and the knowledge gained from a liberal arts education will continue to serve them as they move through their professional life.  The attributes of a liberal arts experience are always in demand and never go out of style. The college’s primary role is to prepare every student with an understanding of the value of a liberal arts education that emphasizes critical thinking skills and the ability to embrace innovation and creativity in their lifelong quest for learning.  

Most importantly, we want to create in our students an awareness of the freedom, powerful potential, and purpose they find as a child of God.

We educate students to discern truth and think critically in a college that is faith centered, with dedicated and highly qualified faculty members, a caring spirit, and an ongoing commitment to support our students as they prepare for their life’s journey.

Randy Bouldin
Interim Dean



Promote, support, and model the meaning of a liberal arts and sciences education to all Lipscomb students.


Present a teaching and learning environment supported by highly qualified faculty that is collaborative, engaging, and productive for both students and faculty in the college.

Broad-based learning

Provide the platform and academic content for a broad-based learning experience that equips all Lipscomb University students with the content knowledge and with thinking, reasoning, speaking, and writing skills that support and enhance their chosen fields of study.

Preparation for future

Provide strong, rigorous, and relevant programs of study in the nine college departments that prepare students majoring in these areas with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to move forward and succeed in subsequent academic and/or professional settings.


Support the faith journey of students as they seek to understand and grow in their Christian faith and how that faith and their professional objectives relate to and are enhanced by the liberal arts and sciences.


Create and support efforts in scholarly research and development for students and faculty affiliated with the college

About the College/Vision

As the college representing the liberal arts platform for higher education, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences seeks to provide academic agility as we prepare students for academic and career pathways in more than 45 majors in nine departments including the departments of communication and journalism, psychology counseling and family studies, social work and sociology, English and modern languages, history politics and philosophy, biology, chemistry and biochemistry, mathematics, and physics.  

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is remarkably diverse with a broad range of academic programming at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Undergraduate students can participate in majors that range from journalism and digital media to social work, to history, to science. Academic programming in the college provides preparation for students who will embrace careers as writers, counselors, mathematicians, and professors, among other fields.  Undergraduate student research opportunities cultivate curiosity and experiences in understanding the complexities of discovery and creating new knowledge. In addition to undergraduate curricula, graduate programming in biomolecular science, psychology, counseling, and marriage and family therapy, present students with opportunities to participate in market relevant advanced degree programming and research in these areas.  

The majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences serve as a gateway to many others, and the areas of study are relevant for all Lipscomb students.  Communication skills, critical thinking, analysis of social and political issues, and the basis for strong leadership skills are all a part of the landscape found in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Students will integrate the fundamental and foundational aspects of thinking, writing, speaking, and reasoning that they receive in their liberal arts coursework into other majors and into any career they choose to pursue.  The preparation of great executives, practitioners, and professionals begins in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.