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College of Education

Great teachers make life changing impressions on their students. Lipscomb University’s College of Education wants not only to make that difference for the students who study here, but we want to equip them to be that kind of teacher or leader for the next generation.

Dr. Trace Hebert, Dean (interim), College of Education and Director, Doctor of Education

Dr. Trace Hebert, Dean (interim), College of Education and Director, Doctor of Education

We prepare excellent teachers and leaders who are ready to impact the world, and others are taking notice.  The National Council on Teacher Quality recently ranked the College of Education's undergraduate secondary teacher prep program #1 in the nation and graduate elementary program #14.

Our graduates are not only ready for teaching, but they’re ready for leadership, for innovation in teaching, and for determining and addressing students’ needs.  We believe that faith when intertwined with professional preparation results in teachers who have a better understanding of others, who can build meaningful relationships, who hold high expectations for student achievement and character, and who embrace student differences. A keen focus on this kind of holistic professional preparation is what has made us one of the country’s most outstanding choices for teacher preparation.



Scholarships to increase teacher and leader diversity & Graduate research partnerships


Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation


New, state-of-the art teacher and leader training facility


A scholarship and outreach program at Lipscomb that seeks to increase the number of local students with the long-term goal of creating a local pipeline of students returning to teach in their home communities

About the College/Vision

The College of Education’s mission is to inspire positive change in the community, state, nation, and world by investing in and increasing the number of teachers and leaders ready to impact schools through the college’s recognized standard of excellence with a Christian worldview.

This mission is built on a foundation of excellence in preparation and practice.  Our education professionals employ a practical, clinical approach focused on helping teachers, leaders, and schools improve student outcomes.  The College of Education is committed to tackling complicated issues in the education community, implementing best practices in real settings, and producing extraordinary results for the community through its work. The college partners with educational organizations and districts across the state and beyond (through research, professional development, practicums, and community outreach.