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College of Computing and Technology

The College of Computing and Technology (CCT) offers innovative and uniquely multi-disciplinary programs that prepare graduates for entrepreneurial, technical and executive leadership positions within our industry, and further advanced degrees.

Fortune Mhlanga

Fortune Mhlanga, Dean of the College of Computing and Technology and Professor of Computer Science

Beyond academic rigor, the school is intent on bringing to its students collaborative partnerships with industry, business, government, schools and nonprofit organizations that provide invaluable, real-world learning experiences. This experiential commitment to learning also includes faculty who have, or are presently in, leadership technical positions and businesses. In short, when a student leaves here he or she is competent, confident and a decided asset to their future employers from day one.

One of the greatest challenges to leaders in the tech industry is a shortage of talent.  We prepare the kind of technology talent that will move on to innovative careers in the field, and we are dedicated to teaching our students faith-based service, which is unique in the computing industry.

Fortune S. Mhlanga, Ph.D.



Support for students from underrepresented groups.

Missions Impact

Support for orphans in Zimbabwe.

Program Development

Development of academic programs that introduce K-12 students to computing and technology and/or serve to enhance the knowledge and skills of targeted Metro Nashville Public High School students

Research and Development

Support faculty and students in research and development efforts for the common good.

About the College/Vision

The College of Computing and Technology is focused advancing scholarship in key domains of computing and technology to our students by serving the computing and technology community as well as society at large.  We are also committed to connecting to key industries, influencers, and thought leaders in the computing and technology arena, and innovating through up-to-date curricula and impactful research that will enhance the computing and technology community in Nashville and beyond.