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College of Bible and Ministry

The College of Bible and Ministry plays a vital role in the university’s Christian identity and mission. In keeping with the intention of the school’s founders, all students study the Bible as an integral part of their academic life at Lipscomb. The goal for all Lipscomb students is threefold: (1) to develop a biblical worldview, (2) to form habits that will shape them for a lifetime, and (3) to launch out into the world to fulfill a calling, not simply a career.

Leonard Allen

Leonard Allen, Dean of the College of Bible and Ministry and Professor of Bible

Beyond this, the College of Bible and Ministry prepares students who major in Bible for careers in congregational ministry, missions, and teaching of the Bible. Our mission is to prepare Christians for servant leadership in God’s kingdom (especially the church) by providing education in Scripture, theology, church history, and the skills of ministry.

We are here to equip those called by God to serve Christ’s mission in the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit. All of our faculty members have a deep love for the church and a long experience serving it. We are committed to the truth and authority of Scripture and share a deep passion to use it to prepare men and women to serve the great mission of God.

It is a joy and honor to lead this college, building on Lipscomb’s 127-year legacy.

C. Leonard Allen


Training more men and women for Christian service

As we experience significant growth in the number of people being trained in Bible and Ministry, our priority is to train as many as are called by God and to do so as effectively as possible, while sending them out without heavy debt. By growing our endowed scholarships and improving our financial aid process, we are seeing great progress toward this end.

Competency Based Theological Education

We are developing a new approach that engages local congregations more fully in the education process to think locally with churches to better so we can prepare ministers for real-life ministry situations.

Lipscomb Initiative for Education (LIFE)

By taking our campus into prison, we are imitating Christ by touching the outcasts of society with four powerful benefits: (1) prisoners are finding meaning to life; (2) many are having a positive influence on their families on the outside; (3) non-incarcerated students are choosing to go into prison to take courses with prisoners; and (4) recipients of the new MACM degree will become qualified to serve as prison chaplains (even while incarcerated).

Cohorts at all levels of training

Our Masters and Doctoral level training have long offered the cohort system for traveling together with a unified group through the education process. Now this cohort system has been expanded to the undergraduate level to enhance the learning process by more interaction with peers along the way.

Engagement with other Colleges

The College of Bible and Ministry is engaged with the other colleges at Lipscomb University to anchor us in our Christian mission. Besides this broad engagement across campus, we engage specifically with the College of Business for the Master of Business as Mission (MBAM) degree and with the College of Entertainment and the Arts for a renewed emphasis on training in worship ministry.

The Vision of the College of Bible and Ministry

Our vision is to bring church and school closer together for more effective preparation of ministry students. This means more hands-on experience, more focus on congregational leadership and needs, more mentoring, and more intentional formation of students’ spiritual lives.

These six goals round out the mission of the College of Bible and Ministry:

  • Intentional spiritual formation;

  • Competence in interpreting Scripture;

  • Understanding of contemporary culture;

  • Knowledge of global Christian history;

  • Ability to think theologically; and

  • Skills for effective congregational ministry.

By pushing forward in these six areas we are answering a deep need of today’s world. It is this: The world needs men and women who, in healthy relationship with God, have the ability to minister in a complex and rapidly changing world.