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Transformative Student Experience

Ensuring a best in class academic program is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to attracting the best and brightest students to Lipscomb as well as cultivating them into servant leaders who are equipped to contribute in countless ways across the country and around the world.

This is why our strategic goals include creating a transformative student experience that is shaped by personal service, outstanding amenities and life-changing relationships; a recognizable 21st Century Christian emphasis that is tightly woven into all parts of the Lipscomb experience; a Christian NCAA Division I athletic program that leads the nation; and a healthy pluralistic environment that equips the Lipscomb community to overcome difference to make a difference.

21st Century Campus

LipscombLEADS will commit to develop a 21st Century campus that includes improvements to and expansion of residence opportunities on campus as well as improving facilities for the university’s top-flight intercollegiate athletics programs. 

Life on campus recently has been enhanced through renovations of every residence hall; the addition of The Village and Bison Hall, the latest new campus residence, which also includes The Inn at Bison Hall; renovation of Bennett Campus Center; and the addition of new dining options such as Au Bon Pain. In the center of campus, Osman Fountain, which includes Jones Baptistery, was added to Bison Square as a constant reminder of God as the source of life and redemption — a site that has become meaningful to many from on campus and nearby churches as they put on Jesus in baptism.


A crucial differentiator when it comes to the Lipscomb student experience is our student missions program. LipscombLEADS will invest in creating a more robust and sustainable missions program.

Starfish Fund

As part of making the student experience at Lipscomb outstanding, LipscombLEADS calls for the creation of a “Starfish Fund.” Based on the story of a stranger on a beach with masses of starfish.  The stranger is throwing each one individually back into the ocean.  The narrator asks with millions of starfish on the beach, does the stranger really think he can help or make a difference, and does it really matter?  The stranger replies, “It matters to this one.”

The Starfish Fund’s purpose is to keep students in school that have experienced a difficult situation such as a family tragedy that could cause them to lose scholarship dollars or put them in a place where they don’t feel like they can continue their education at Lipscomb.