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Sustainable Impact

The final cornerstone of LipscombLEADS is to ensure a sophisticated business model that fuels Lipscomb’s stability and success.

Permanent Endowment

You want to support students in attending Lipscomb. You know that students choose Lipscomb because they believe it is the best place to grow in knowledge and faith and to prepare for a lifetime of exemplary leadership and service. We fulfill their trust, and yours, by recruiting and retaining the most qualified faculty and by enhancing the learning experience through a dynamic curriculum that is responsive to emerging needs in the marketplace while being rooted in the liberal arts.

When students have what they need to learn, their life’s work is our best outcome. You help make possible the betterment of Lipscomb’s faculty, the success of Lipscomb’s students, and the reach of Lipscomb’s programs. In so doing, you elevate the Lipscomb experience for all students and bolster the value of a Lipscomb degree for students and alumni alike. You ensure that the students you help send to Lipscomb not only find the resources they require but also achieve the outcomes they, and our world, need.

By investing in faculty development and research, you can help enhance faculty members’ reputation, scholarship, teaching and spiritual influence. Further additions to the permanent endowment will strengthen the university’s financial and academic foundation through academic chairs and professorships.

Endowment: More than $61 million in gifts and pledges have been raised for the endowment as part of the LipscombLEADS campaign. This financial foundation will provide resources for Lipscomb to navigate the challenges ahead in higher education.


The students you support benefit abundantly from a Lipscomb degree. They go on to lead and serve in Nashville, across the nation, and beyond. They impact the economy, influencing fields as diverse as space science, engineering, medicine, business, ministry, music, and education. They deepen their faith and learn to depend wholly on Christ. We know these are the results of a Lipscomb education. We see them lived out in the lives of our graduates.

To this end, the university’s budget for scholarships has increased from $9 million to more than $33 million annually in the past decade. Scholarships produced by donor-funded endowments have increased from $1.2 million to $2.3 million. During the same period, Lipscomb has experienced record student retention rates, has educated more than 1,200 first-generation university students, and has doubled minority enrollment, rising from 10.65 percent in 2006 to 22.25 percent in 2016 — even as overall enrollment has risen by more than 80 percent.

By being located in Nashville, a thriving community with an expanding economy, Lipscomb is poised to lead the way in changing the educational future of individuals and the state at large. We are situated in the ideal spot, and have the ideal mission, to help transformation take hold.

Your support has increased Lipscomb's ability to remain affordable by providing aid to offset the cost of an education and help keep student loans to a minimum. The scholarships listed below are among those established during the LipscombLEADS campaign.

  • Lipscomb Opportunity Scholarships: The fund was created in 2020 to help students and families who need a little extra in the way of financial assistance to make their Lipscomb dreams come true. These scholarships not only make Lipscomb more affordable, but they also make Lipscomb more competitive. An average gift of less than $5,000 per academic year can often make it possible for a student to choose Lipscomb who wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
  • Lipscomb Access Scholarships: The scholarship fund was established in 2018 by Jim and Linda Allen to assist students and their families with the out-of-pocket costs for tuition and fees that still exist after other scholarships, state and federal assistance have been awarded. Longtime supporters of Lipscomb, the Allens helped shape the campus in significant ways, one of which was funding the construction of the Allen Bell Tower as a memorial to their son Michael, and making one of the largest single gifts in Lipscomb history to build Allen Arena.
  • Fred Hatchett Scholarship for Educators: A lifelong educator in Nashville, Fred Hatchett endowed a scholarship with a $109,000 gift in 2013 that would allow him to personally know the students who would benefit from his gift during his lifetime. Unmarried and without children, Hatchett had no strong connection to Lipscomb University, yet he chose the institution to benefit from his estate by establishing a planned gift in 2013 which resulted in $2.15 million following his death in 2016.

Need-Based Student Aid 

An increasing number of students are choosing not to attend Lipscomb because of financial need — or because greater merit-based aid is offered elsewhere. From 2012 through 2016, the percentage of non-matriculants who cited the lack of financial assistance as their reason for attending elsewhere grew to nearly 60 percent. In addition, more than 90 percent of those who needed additional financial aid reported needing in excess of $6,000 to attend. 

Our goal is to double the dollars available from endowed scholarship funds for need-based financial aid each year, encouraging the best students from all walks of life to benefit from the deep and distinctive Lipscomb experience regardless of their financial circumstances.

Merit-Based Student Aid 

Investing in the university’s future also includes ensuring top students receive the aid they need to choose an academically rigorous and Christ-centered education. At Lipscomb, we are committed to providing access to the very best students regardless of financial need.