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Sustainable Impact

The final cornerstone of LipscombLEADS is to ensure a sophisticated business model that fuels Lipscomb’s stability and success.

Permanent Endowment

You want to support students in attending Lipscomb. You know that students choose Lipscomb because they believe it is the best place to grow in knowledge and faith and to prepare for a lifetime of exemplary leadership and service. We fulfill their trust, and yours, by recruiting and retaining the most qualified faculty and by enhancing the learning experience through a dynamic curriculum that is responsive to emerging needs in the marketplace while being rooted in the liberal arts.

When students have what they need to learn, their life’s work is our best outcome. You will make possible the betterment of Lipscomb’s faculty, the success of Lipscomb’s students, and the reach of Lipscomb’s programs. In so doing, you will elevate the Lipscomb experience for all students and bolster the value of a Lipscomb degree for students and alumni alike. You will ensure that the students you help send to Lipscomb not only find the resources they require but also achieve the outcomes they, and our world, need.

By investing in faculty development and research, you can help enhance faculty members’ reputation, scholarship, teaching and spiritual influence. Further additions to the permanent endowment will strengthen the university’s financial and academic foundation through academic chairs and professorships.

To build a solid foundation for generations to come, LipscombLEADS aims to grow the permanent endowment to over $100 million to support students, faculty and programs alike.