Hello! We are so glad that you are ready to begin your journey. There has never been a better time to become a Mustang! Let's get started!

To Begin Your Journey:
Listed below are the basic steps for your child’s admission to Lipscomb Academy. Please reach out to a member of our admissions team to learn more.

Lower School:
SEED School (2-yr-old, 3-yr-old program; PreK 3 day; PreK 5 day; Kindergarten)
Grades 1-4
  Contact: Jennifer Watson or Belle Cromwell at 615.966.6330 or jennifer.watson@lipscomb.edu or belle.cromwell@lipscomb.edu
NOTE: SEED School applicants must be age appropriate for his/her designated grade level by August 15, 2019, of the enrollment year.
      *Early Childhood students must be 2-years-old or 3-years-old by August 15, 2019, to apply for the 2019-2020 school year.
      *PreK students must be 4-years-old by August 15, 2019, to apply for the 2019-2020 school year.

      *Kindergarten students must be 5-years-old by August 15, 2019, to apply for the 2019-2020 school year.

Upper School:
Grades 5-8
  Contact: Jessica Williams at 615.966.5037 or jessica.williams@lipscomb.edu
Grades 9-12
  Contact: Melissa Miller at 615.966.6405 or melissa.miller@lipscomb.edu

Important Admissions Dates 
September 4 - 2019-2020 Applications Open
February 4 - Applications and Supporting Materials Due
February 22 - Offer Letters Sent to Initial Round of Qualifying Applicants

To begin the Lipscomb Academy admissions process, please follow these steps:

1. Submit an online application and $75 application fee. In order to be considered for financial assistance, you must first complete the application process.

2.  Upper School (Grades 5-12) parents will be asked for two recommendation requests in the referral documents section of the online application. Upper School recommendations are submitted electronically and can be completed by school principals, counselors, or core subject teachers (Math, English, Science, and Social Studies). Parents also will be asked for the appropriate school representative's name and email, so that the request for transcript may be sent electronically.

3.  Lower School parents will be asked to submit one current teacher name and email address in the referral documents section of the online application. The Lower School admissions office will email the form to the teacher once they have their information. Parents must also sign and send the Transcript Release Request to the student's current school. Additionally, the student is required to participate in a visit/testing day as follows - Please contact Jennifer Watson at 615.966.6330 or jennifer.watson@lipscomb.edu to schedule your child's individual Lower School visit:

  • Early Childhood Applicants - Parent interview with child, scheduled individually
  • Pre-K and K Applicants – one 90-minute visit, scheduled individually
  • Pre-1st and 1st Grade Applicants  - one half-day visit in kindergarten classroom, scheduled individually
  • 2nd-4th Grade Applicants – one full-day visit in applicant’s current grade level classroom, scheduled individually

?4. All students applying for the 5th through 12th grades are required to take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam). The cost is $120 and can be paid online when registering for the test. To schedule your student to take the test at Lipscomb Academy, contact Kim Schow at 615-966-6409. If you chose to take at another location, the ISEE code for Lipscomb Academy is: 431655.  Our first ISEE test date for the 2019-2020 admissions season is December 1 at 9:00 am.

5.  Once Lipscomb Academy receives all pertinent information, Upper School applicants are scheduled for an interview with two members of the admissions committee, usually the Associate Head of School for Admissions and the school Principal. Only one parent is required, but both parents are encouraged to attend. Parents of Lower School applicants should arrange for a tour/interview at their convenience. Lower School students are not required to participate in the interview.

Important Admissions Information - Quick Guide

  1. Submit online admissions application
  2. Applicants (grades 5-12) take the ISEE at LA
  3. Applications and Supporting Materials Due: Lipscomb Academy will assist families in collecting applications and supporting materials needed for the student interview.
  4. Offer Letters Sent to Qualifying Applicants  
  5. Positions are awarded until a grade is full, then qualified students are placed in a waiting pool.

For Global Students Only:
Lipscomb Academy welcomes students from around the globe each year. In fact, our students represent cultures found on six of the seven continents (still working on Antarctica).

Here are several items to make note of as an international student or family: 

  1. Lipscomb Academy is a SEVIS approved school that can issue I20s to qualified international students. For more information about studying in the states and those related fees, please refer to the Department of Homeland Security.
  2. In addition to the normal admissions procedures (which includes the ISEE), international students are required to submit proof of English proficiency via a TOEFL or IELTS score. The Lipscomb Academy TOEFL code is: 3216. 
  3. Lipscomb Academy does not offer on-campus housing for its students. It is the responsibility of the student's family or international student agency to locate a host family. Once the host family is chosen, they will interview with the Associate Head of School for Admissions and Marketing. 
  4. In addition to standard admissions procedures, the student’s family must show the ability to cover tuition by providing proof of financial stability. Acceptable proofs of financial stability include copies of bank statements or other certified bank documents.  

We look forward to working with you in the Admissions process and making your experience at Lipscomb Academy as memorable as possible.