Airspace Policy

Account Retention

Wireless Guest Access

Lab or Classroom Software Changes  

University Airspace Policy

Lipscomb University maintains a wireless data network for a portion of its campus to provide local campus network and Internet access for its students and employees. Over the next few years that network is expected to grow to cover all academic and administrative buildings on campus as well as part of the outdoor common areas. The network uses the FCC unlicensed 2.4 and 5.1 GHz frequencies defined in IEEE specifications 802.11a/b/g. Many other devices, such as cable-modem/routers, cordless telephones and wireless speakers, also operate in this frequency range. The unmanaged use of these devices may potentially interfere with Lipscomb’s wireless data network and cause users to experience poor performance or not have the network available at all. Additionally, because the signal from these devices can travel outside the building where they are located, unmanaged wireless access points can allow unauthorized access and can compromise the security of the wired network. In order to ensure the availability, integrity, reliability, and security of the Lipscomb wireless network the wireless airspace will be solely administered by the Lipscomb Information Technology. In order to protect the data network, the following policies are outlined below:

  • Only wireless access points approved and managed by IT are allowed to connect to the wired data network.
  • Wireless access points, cable-modem/routers, Apple AirPort Base Stations, or computers configured to act as one of these devices are banned from use on campus, even if they are not directly connected to the wired data network.
  • Other devices, such as cordless phones and wireless games controllers, that broadcast and receive using the same 2.4 or 5.1 GHz frequencies as the wireless data network may cause interference and are not allowed on campus.
  • Only students and employees of Lipscomb University are authorized to use wireless networking on campus. To protect the users and Lipscomb’s wired data network, IT may implement data encryption and authentication security measures that must be followed by all users in order to access the wireless network.
  • The university assumes no responsibility to compensate you for any direct or incidental costs related to requiring that the use of the interfering equipment be terminated on University owned or managed property.

Employee Account Retention

Retention of Lipscomb University Faculty Network and Email Accounts

Lipscomb University Staff network and email accounts will be terminated upon ending employment with the University. The accounts will be terminated at the end of the last day of employment or as determined by Human Resources. After the last day of employment, the employee's email address will be shut down, all employee access will be revoked and the network account will be disabled unless the employee is also a student.
If an Out of Office auto reply or delegated access to another employee is needed for business purposes, please click here for more instructions as these services will not function after the last day of employment without additional steps being taken by the employee's supervisor.

Wireless Network Guest Access

Frequently we have off-campus visitors who need access to Lipscomb University's wireless network from a personal (i.e., non-Lipscomb-owned) laptop or device.  Guests may connect to the LipscombGuest wifi SSID where they can self register for a wireless password using a smart phone with email access or text capable mobile device.
Wireless guest access can only be used to log onto the wireless network and cannot log onto any school-owned computers.  The normal wireless access restrictions will apply (The following are blocked: peer-to-peer file sharing, inappropriate websites, etc.). 


Lab and Classroom software

All Requests for additions or changes to software installed on University classroom or lab computers must be submitted with the following form. The form along with all licensing documentation and media should be submitted to Information Technology a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the term the software is intended for use.

If you need assistance completing the form or have questions on what is currently installed on classroom or lab system, please contact the HelpDesk.