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The Hearing God Conference Sessions: Featuring Dallas Willard and Bill Heatley, this conference was hosted on August 5-6, 2011 at St. Peter's Anglican in Birmingham, Alabama.

Nurture 2012 Resources:

  • The Gathering with Glandion and Leland

  • Monday evening keynote (audio - iTunes software is required)
  • Luncheon presentation (slides)
  • Missional Spirituality session (slides)
  • Story, Practice, and Virtue session (notes)

2012 Stone-Campbell Dialogue Retreat: Download session handouts from the retreat

Nurture 2013 Resources:

  • Monday evening session with Gordon (audio)
  • Tuesday Gathering with Gordon

Nurture 2014 Resources:

  • Tuesday Gathering with Randy

Tuesday Luncheon with Randy (mp3)

Ten Minute Transformations with Chris Altrock (Powerpoint)

Ignatian Exercises with Dr. Jackie Halstead (Powerpoint)

Nurture 2015 Resources:

  • Monday night with John Ortberg

  • Tuesday Gathering with John Ortberg