Lavender Speaks at Festival Biblico

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Dr. Earl Lavender presented the keynote lecture, “His Mercy Extends to Those who Fear Him, from Generation to Generation,” at the Festival Biblico in Vicenza, Italy. Lavender encouraged the audience to teach their children how to respect and embrace God’s purposes for their lives.

Festival Biblico is an annual, week-long, city-wide event hosted by the regional diocese of the Catholic church.
Lavender also published his first book in Italian and featured it during the presentation. The book is a meditative, interactive commentary on Luke. After the book signing, over 60 copies were sold.
Lavender explained, “The book is a dynamic commentary – meaning it is designed to invite the Italian reader to interact with the story of the kingdom of God as presented in the gospel of Luke. We discovered a small group of Catholics who have studied the scriptures together for many years – much to the dismay and disapproval of the local priest. They all bought copies to use as their next study. I am really excited about the possibilities for this resource to introduce people to a meaningful study of the story of Jesus.”
“I also spent time with an emerging group of young people in the churches of Christ. They represent a new birth for the church here – one that will finally be Italian. They have no ties to the American church and are reaching out to their friends in wonderful ways. I will be working with that group throughout the next year in what I call transformissional coaching.”
Transformissional coaching involves training the leadership to equip the members for works of service (Ephesians 4:12) through training them in the spiritual disciplines. This intentional process leads into the mission of God in every aspect of their lives as they are transformed by the Holy Spirit.
Earl and his wife, Rebecca, planted several Italian churches where they lived for 7 years. Earl continues to provide transformissional coaching throughout the year for those congregations.
The Institute for Christian Spirituality at Lipscomb is dedicated to helping churches in the United States and throughout the world deepen the kingdom participation of each of its members through commitment to the practice of the spiritual disciplines.