Halstead Leads Retreat at Timothy Hill Christian Camp

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Jackie Halstead, Associate Director with The Institute for Christian Spirituality, keynoted the New England Ladies’ Day of Prayer on October 8-10th at the Timothy Hill Christian Camp in Huntington, Massachusetts.

Lisa Foreman, of Chicopee, MA, shared this:
“Each year our women gather at our women’s retreats to focus on prayer. We normally do not have speakers because we want to spend our time praying. But when we read about Jackie, we knew she would be the one to help us grow deeper in our prayer lives.
Jackie’s exercises, visualizations, and small groups were very helpful in equipping us. What she shared was accessible for all Christians, whether you’ve been praying your whole life or just beginning.   For example, one thing she had us do was an hour in silence. This deeply impacted us, enough to consider doing a completely silent retreat in the future.
 She showed us that you can become closer to God. Her words were encouraging and inspiring. An event like this has a big impact on our churches here in New England because several churches are usually represented. Typically, we have 50 women in attendance.
 We’ve asked her to come back for our 2011 retreat. We can’t wait for next year!”
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