ICS Spends Time With Belton Congregation

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The Institute for Christian Spirituality visited the Belton Church of Christ in Belton, Texas on September 18 –19, 2010. Rhonda Lowry and John York, senior fellows with ICS, presented a weekend of classes and group sessions focused on deepening spiritual formation.

Carol Gafford, children’s minister at Belton shared, “The weekend encouraged parents to develop spiritual formation in their homes. Rhonda and John didn’t give us a ‘to do’ list. We learned that spiritual formation is a matter of being, not doing. The workshop helped parents develop a deeper spirituality which then enables them to incorporate things like meditation and prayer into their homes and their daily lives.”
Carol said the event was the highlight of their church family’s year and that everything they remotely hoped for was accomplished during the weekend.
Jordan Hubbard, senior minister at Belton, said, “Most churches have wide, far-reaching ministry and activities.  John and Rhonda brought a vision of what ‘deep’ looks like. It was a wonderful, God-filled weekend. There were many great take-away points of information for parents and their Christian walks. We were pushed to get beyond platitudes into what actually doeswork, not what should work.”
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The Institute for Christian Spirituality at Lipscomb is dedicated to helping churches in the United States and throughout the world deepen the kingdom participation of each of its members through commitment to the practice of the spiritual disciplines.