About Us

The Institute for Christian Spirituality was launched several years ago as an innovative expression of Lipscomb University’s commitment to the church. As newly appointed dean of the College of Bible and Ministry, I am eager to see the institute continue its good work and to creatively branch out in its mission. I think you’ll see some exciting developments in this year’s programs.

ICS wants to partner with your church and provide resources that will positively affect the life of your congregation. Five offerings do this in different ways. We’ll share tools that help revitalize your sense of mission, manage conflicts that arise, renew your hunger for God’s Word, better attend to the spiritual life of your children, and introduce new practices that enrich a daily walk with God.

You’ll also see ICS’s commitment to church leaders. Retreats for refreshment and equipping, a certificate programs focused on pastoral care, and an intensive program for those in senior leadership roles all minister to those who serve our congregations.

If these programs connect with needs in your community, be sure to connect with us to learn more.


Leonard Allen
Dean of the College of Bible & Ministry