Programs of Study

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Master of Arts in Conflict Management 

The Master of Arts degree in conflict management is a 30 credit hour (10 course) comprehensive degree that gives students an in-depth understanding of conflict management. More choices and flexibility in course delivery, with weekend format classes and online courses available, will accommodate the fulltime work schedule of ICM students. The estimated time to complete the masters degree is 18 to 24 months.


Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management

The Certificate in Conflict Management is a 15 credit hour (5 course) track of study. It provides students with a core understanding of the principles of conflict management. This graduate certificate is designed to provide students with a broad perspective on conflict management and is intended to be a set of skills applied directly to a career in progress. In addition to the first three core courses, a "settings" course is required as part of the certificate so that the student can apply conflict management principles and techniques within a specific professional context. The final course is chosen by the student as either an internship or an applicable upper-level course. The certificate can be completed in as little as six months and is an excellent add-on to the professional resume. Courses are delivered as two-weekend blocks or online, and provide a flexible choice for busy schedules.