ETS Broadcast Engineer



We currently have the following opening in Entertainment & Technical Services:

Position:  ETS Broadcast Engineer

Reports to:  Director of ETS

Primary Function:  Maintain broadcast equipment for ETS during games while working more consistently with Athletics’ ESPN game production in order to support their broadcasts and to further support ETS events across campus. The major role of this individual is to keep the broadcast “on air” at all times supporting all areas of production: audio, video, communications, lighting; as failure issues happen.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Troubleshoot ETS electronic issues /failures during “on air” broadcasts
  • Setup and operate Audio Visual equipment for ETS event support
  • Technical operations during games to include video switching, camera operating, setup of game electronics for announcers, etc.
  • Handle daily maintenance of broadcast equipment such as cleaning, repairs of cabling and connections due to exterior elements

Education:  Associate’s degree in computer science, electronics, or related field required.                                                          

Experience:  Requires one to three years of related experience in  (or an equivalent combination of education and experience).

Job Related Skills:

  • Able to troubleshoot hardware and software issues digital and analog
  • Fluent in Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Working knowledge of Apple products
  • Able to troubleshoot & repair audio/video/lighting equipment
  • Working knowledge of event services and broadcast production
  • Customer service driven
  • Able to multi-task
  • Able to prioritize
  • Must be flexible

Availability:  Accepting applications immediately

Our aim is to make the application process as convenient as possible for you.  The online application is the preferred way you can apply for employment.  If it better suits your needs, an application can be accessed in PDF format and submitted in person, via U.S. mail or by fax (615-966-7003).



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