Welcome from the Director

Thank you for stepping up to your college education in a way that is a little different, a little more challenging and exciting.

As director of the Honors College, yes, I have published academic articles, but I am also your guide. For instance, I can help you include some time at Oxford University, compete for some national scholarships, or find a great summer internship. It’s different for every student in the college.

Together, you and I will enhance your education with academics, cultural and entertainment experience in this great city of Nashville, enrolling you in our core curriculum honors courses where you take the same hours as your peers, but focus your time in a little deeper study toward enveloping even stronger thinking and analytical skills.

We’ll have some fun—I’m told our Masquerade Ball is a hot ticket on campus! And we will serve. Because this university, through its commitment to Christ and to all of God’s creation, believes that no one is truly educated if they do not apply their education in service, most of the honors courses will have a strong service-learning component to them.

If you think this is your way to shape your Lipscomb experience, let’s get together.

Paul Prill, Ph.D.
Honors College


Key information about the Honors College

  • Honors courses are not the college equivalent of AP courses. They involve the same amount of time and pace of work as non-honors courses.
  • Honors courses are designed to probe deeper into the topics in the course, to discover the material rather than have it all presented in lecture format, and to let you explore independently topics that are of particular interest to you.
  • Honors courses feature more student participation, a deeper exploration of key ideas, and an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and project management skills.
  • All students are mentored in planning their Lipscomb work and beyond including guidance on major national competitive scholarships such as the Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater and Truman scholarships as well as appropriate study abroad and internship possibilities.