History (HI) Course Descriptions

1013 World Civilization I (3) F
A survey of the major civilizations of the world, emphasizing the most significant trends, personalities and events in Asian, African, European and American civilizations from 4500 B.C. to A.D. 1500.

1023 World Civilization II (3) SP
Same as 1013 except begins at 1500 and continues to present.

1113 Foundations of Western Civilization to 1600 (3) F, SP, SU
A survey of the major personalities, events and trends in the early history of Western civilization.

1123 Foundations of Western Civilization Since 1600 (3) F, SP, SU
A survey of the major personalities, events and trends in Western civilization since the Reformation.

2213 History of the United States I (3) F, SP, SU
European backgrounds to the Civil War.

2223 History of the United States II (3) F, SP, SU
Civil War to the present.

3013 Historiography (3) F
An introduction to the discipline of history that includes schools of thought, methods of research, along with historical writing and presentation.

3053 Methods of Teaching History (3) F
To be taken before the Professional Semester. The major requirement is the construction of a teaching unit.

3063 History of Medicine and Related Sciences (3) F*
The study of medical research and health care since ancient times.

3103 Ancient Civilizations (3) SP
A survey of ancient civilizations beginning with the rise of Mesopotamia and Egypt and progressing through the fall of the Roman Empire. Special attention will be given to the Classical World of Greece and Rome.

3113 Medieval Europe (3) SP*
A survey of Medieval civilization from the fall of the Roman Empire to the eve of the modern world.

3123 Renaissance and Reformation (3) F*
A course emphasizing the Italian and Northern Renaissances and the Protestant and Catholic Reformation movements.

3133 Eighteenth Century Europe (3) F*
This course spans Europe from the Treaty of Westphalia to the defeat of Napoleon.

3143 Nineteenth Century Europe (1815-1914) (3) SP
A study that begins with the fall of Napoleon and continues to the outbreak of World War I.

3153 Twentieth Century Europe (1914-present) (3) F
Beginning with World War I, this course continues to the present.

3203 Colonial America (3) F*
A survey of the Colonial Americas ending with the American Revolution. Prerequisite: History 2213 or permission of the instructor.

3213 National Period (1776-1850) (3) SP*
This course covers the origin of American institutions and the development of American life, politics and culture form the decision to declare independence in 1776 to the Compromise of 1850. Prerequisite: History 2213 or permission of the instructor.

3243 Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877) (3) F*
Beginning with the Compromise of 1850, this course stresses the division of the United States to the end of the Reconstruction era. Prerequisite: History 2223 or permission of the instructor.

3253 Foundations of 20th Century America (1877-1941) (3) SP*
A study emphasizing Industrialism, Populism, Progressivism, World War I, the Roaring ’20s and the New Deal. Prerequisites: History 2223 or permission of the instructor.

3263 Recent American Issues (1941-present) (3) SP
A study of major issues beginning with World War II to the present. Prerequisite: History 2223 or permission of the instructor.

3313 Historical Geography of the United States (3) SP*
A study of the geography of the United States from discovery and settlement, giving attention to the spread of population and the problems faced until the 1890s.

3323 Cultural Geography (3) F
An examination of the main regions of global geography with an emphasis on area studies and human-to-land relationships.

400V Internship in Public History (1-12) F, SP
Application process begins the semester before internship is to begin.

4013 Religion and American Culture (3) F, SP*
An overview American religious thought and practice from the Colonial era to the present.

4023 History of Tennessee (3) F*
The study of Tennessee emphasizing the political, cultural, social and religious developments.

4033 Public History (3) F*
A course that focuses on non-teaching vocations and professionals which use historical skills outside of the classroom, including museums, archives, preservation, etc. This course may satisfy the SALT Tier II requirement.

4053 History and Politics of the Middle East (3) SP*
An historical survey of Middle Eastern civilizations and an analysis of their political systems.

4103 Latin America (3) SP*
An overview of Latin America with emphasis on the political, social and economic conditions.

4113 England Before the 17th Century (3) SP*
A study of the English history from earliest times to the death of Elizabeth I.

4123 England Since the 17th Century (3) SP*
The political, social and cultural development of England since 1600.

4133 History and Politics of Russia (3) F*
A study of 19th and 20th century Russia with special emphasis on the Russian Revolution. 

4143 Modern China and the Far East (3) Offered on demand
A survey of the political, religious, intellectual and cultural developments of modern China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

4153 Urban History and Politics (3) SP*
A historical and political overview of the city in American history. See also Political Science 3113.

4163 The South in American History (3) Offered on demand
A course that stresses ideas and attitudes that make the South a distinct region.

4173 The American Civil Rights Movement (3) F*
A survey of America’s Civil Rights history with special attention to Nashville’s role in the movement.

4193 U.S. Military History (3) SP*
A survey of military history that focuses on American wars, military leadership, politics and the evolution of U.S. military doctrine. Prerequisite: History 2213 and 2223 or permission of instructor.

4203 History and Politics of Prisons and Punishment (3)
This course will explore both the historical development of prisons, and the ongoing economic, sociological, and theological consequences of the prison industrial complex.

4213 History and Politics of Reconciliation (3)
How do societies reconcile an offense: easy reconciliation may merely appease and encourage future crimes and injustices, yet Christians are called to be ministers of reconciliation. Utilizing international case studies (e.g., South Africa, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, the Middle East and the U.S.) this course assesses several historical policies and practices of reconciliation.

470V Selected Topics (1,2, 3) Offered on demand
A diversity of topics will be made available to the student. Topics will be announced in the semester schedule. Courses offered the past include World War II, Nashville Scenes, Byzantine History, History of Germany, History of France and Lost Civilizations.

4803 History Travel (3) SU
A group travel course with an instructor from Lipscomb. There are reading and writing requirements associated with the course.

4993 Senior Seminar (3) SP, SU
This capstone course is required of all history and American studies majors. It is a rigorous research and writing course that will result in a senior thesis on a historical topic. Prerequisite: HI 3013.