Political Science (PO) Course Descriptions

1013 Introduction to Politics (3) F, SP
A study of the political patterns of today’s world, explaining the instruments, functions, and theories of modern governments.

1023 Introduction to American Government (3) F, SP
An introduction to American government and politics, focusing on the presidency, congress, and the courts.

2253 American State and Local Government (3) SP
An examination of the structure, functions, and politics of state and local governments.

3013 Political Communication (3)
The study of political communication including the mass media and public opinion. Offered on demand. WC.

3033 International Relations (3) S*
An examination of the international political system.

3113 Urban History and Politics (3)
The theory, history, structure, and politics of the city. Offered on demand. WC.

3123 Public Policy Making (3) S*
A systematic study of elements of the policy process, examining contemporary policy issues and policy analysis. WC.

3133 Comparative Governments (3) SP*
An analysis of patterns of political development, social forces, institutions, and public policy in Great Britain , France, Germany, and Russia. WC.

3153 Politics of Developing Countries (3)
An analysis of the problems facing the non-western, less developed states of the world. Offered on demand. WC.

3213 U.S. Political Parties and Elections (3) F*
An analysis of the U.S. party system giving emphasis to the history, functions, and organization of parties. WC.

3223 Contemporary Political Methodologies (3) F
An introduction to statistical and research methods in the field of political science.

3253 History of European Political Thought I (3) F
A chronological study of the great thinkers in the western tradition from the Greeks to the theorists of the seventeenth century. WC.

3263 History of European Political Thought II (3) SP
A chronological study of the great thinkers in the western tradition from the seventeenth century to the present. WC.

3283 American Political Thought (3) F*
A study of the American political tradition from colonial status to the present. WC.

3313 Introduction to Public Administration I (3) F
A study of management in the executive departments of the national, state, and local levels focusing on concepts of management, organizational theory, and administrative leadership. WC.

3323 Introduction to Public Administration II (3) SP
A study of management in the executive departments at the national, state, and local levels focusing on decision-making, budgeting, personnel systems, administrative law, and ethics. WC. (no prerequisite required)

3413 Executive-Legislative Process (3) F*
Examines the role of Congress and the presidency in the development of American politics. Attention is given to relations between the Executive Office of the president and Congress. WC.

3433 Judicial Process (3) SP*
An examination of the role of law, the judicial structure, process, and participation in federal and state courts, and problems confronting the justice system. WC.

400V Internship in Political Science (1-12) SP
A practicum for political science and public administration majors.

4053 History and Politics of the Middle East (3) SP*
An historical survey of Middle Eastern civilizations and an analysis of their political systems. WC.

4133 History and Politics of Russia (3) F*
A study of 19th and 20th century Russia with special emphasis on the Russian Revolution. WC.

4nn1 Readings in Political Science (1)
Directed readings in areas where classwork has been taken. May be taken up to three times. The nn will vary depending on the topic chosen. Offered on demand.

4203 Constitutional Law (3) F
An examination of Constitutional development by studying Supreme Court decisions dealing with judicial review, separation of powers, federalism, criminal procedure, First Amendment freedoms, and civil rights. WC.

4213 American Foreign Policy (3) F*
A study of traditions, organization, limiting factors, and conduct of American foreign policy. WC.

4233 International Law and International Organizations (3)
Investigates principles of international law and their relationship to international organizations. Offered on demand. WC.


4243 International Security: Problems and Solutions (3)
An examination of the nature of security, force and the threat of force in the international realm, covering both traditional and non-traditional areas of security. It examines a range of concepts from “hard security” to such ideas as energy security, economic security, cyber security and human security. 


4253 Restorative Justice (3)
A study of the field of criminal justice from a Christian perspective which emphasizes reconciliation, conflict management, ethical standards, empathy and restoration to society. 

4513 Criminal Law and Procedure (3) S*
A study of the American criminal justice system, its laws, procedures, and participants.

470V Selected Topics (1, 2, 3)
A study of selected problems in the field of political science. Offered on demand.

4803 Political Science Travel (3) SU
A group travel course with an instructor from Lipscomb. There is also a reading requirement for the course.

4813 Washington Seminar (3) SU
Conducted in Washington, this course is highlighted by an intensive week of briefings and seminars with key policymakers. The focus is on foreign policy and national security issues. There is also a reading requirement for the course.

4993 Seminar in Political Science (3) SP, SU
A study of current problems in political science with emphasis on materials and methods. WC.