What is Ignite?
Because of its unique placement on a university campus, Lipscomb Academy is able to offer an innovative opportunity to its high school students: Ignite at Lipscomb Academy. Ignite is our growing program that engages students in career path experiences including university and professional leaders. Students who apply and are accepted into a one-year Ignite program will experience learning outside of the traditional classroom in areas of study that particularly interest them.

Students in Ignite programs will:

  • Engage in learning through university interactions, panel discussions, and workshops.
  • Expand their skills through training sessions, fieldtrips, and volunteer programs.
  • Explore their future through focused counseling, shadowing professionals, and visiting various workplaces.

For the 2017-2018 School Year we offer four or five unique Ignite programs. The programs will be chosen from the following: 

  • Ignite-Business (marketing, management, supply chain and sustainability management, operations management, finance, information and technology management, accounting, entrepreneurship and mission entrepreneurship)
  • Ignite-Education (elementary, middle and high school teaching, special education, coaching, educational administration)
  • Ignite-Fine & Performing Arts (arts education, music business, acting/performing, visual arts careers including traditional mediums as well as animation, graphic design, film, gaming and other digital media)
  • Ignite-Health Science (physical diagnosis, dietetics, Kinesiology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, veterinary, EMT/paramedic, medicine, surgery, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry)
  • Ignite Leadership and Public Service (government, law, public service, non-profit management, corporate social justice and leadership in other careers)
  • Ignite-Ministry & Christian Vocation (church ministry, Christian publishing, local missions, community service, and non-profits)
  • Ignite-STEM (civil, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering, computer systems and programming, scientific research, environmental scientist, sustainability, research scientist)

Most Ignite programs will not be offered annually. As the Ignite program grows, we will offer each program on a rotating basis, so don't wait until your senior year to participate in a program that you are very interested in. This year we plan to offer four or five of the programs listed above assuming that we have enough qualified students to sign up for each program.

Why should a student participate in Ignite?
Here are some of the benefits for students:

  • More focused when entering college
  • More specific skills when entering college, such as CPR or debating skills
  • Opportunities to meet professors in a major
  • Opportunities to meet professionals in a variety of careers
  • A better understanding of careers that will be available to them
  • An improved resume/college application—more competitive for big scholarships

When do students apply for Ignite?
Ignite applications will be available beginning March 1. Students are encouraged to apply quickly since some programs will likely have more applicants than we can accommodate. We highly suggest that you complete your application by March 8. At some point we will no longer accept applications for our more popular Ignite programs. Acceptances are based on many factors such as room in the program, when your application was submitted, your grade level, GPA, teacher's recommendation and your answers on this application.  

You should expect to hear something concerning this application by early May.  

When does the Ignite program begin for a student?
The program will begin with an orientation in August of 2017 and will conclude in April of 2018 with the capstone presentation and reception.

What does it cost to participate in Ignite?
The cost for participating in one of the Ignite programs is $375 per student per year. This fee covers your costs throughout the year so we do not need to collect money throughout the year.

When will Ignite activities take place?
Ignite students participate in one to three learning activities each month as their schedule allows. Learning opportunities include field trips, skills training, university experiences, workplace shadowing and career counseling. The majority of activities take place outside of the normal school day but each semester students will take a day long field trip during the school day. Students can choose from an assortment of activities that fit into their already busy schedules. This could include afternoon, evening or Saturday opportunities. Students will only be required to miss one day of school each semester. Students in this program are typically very involved in many school activities and can not attend all experiences that are offered. On average, about two events are offered each month but, even if students cannot attend all events, the program is worthwhile.

How do I apply for the Ignite program?
Rising 10th-12th grade students with a 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply for the program by completing the application at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, please contact the guidance office or Kristi Reynolds. Remember to apply as early as possible and to include your second choice and third choices in case the program that you would like to apply for is already full or will not be offered next year. Do not wait until your junior or senior year to apply for an Ignite program that you are interested in since programs will not be offered every year. 

Click HERE for the Ignite application.