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The Story of Israel – 9th Grade
The Story of Jesus – 10th Grade
The Story of the Church – 11th Grade (0.5)
My Story in God’s Story – 11th Grade (0.5)
Engaging Faith & Culture I – 12th Grade (0.5)
Engaging Faith & Culture II – 12th Grade (0.5)
Christian Man (0.5)
Christian Woman (0.5)
Chapel Practicum (0.5)
Story of Jesus – LU (0.5)
Story of the Church – LU (0.5)
Bible Choral Studies (0.5)
Early Light Matins – Blended (0.5)
Story of God 9th-12th New to study/faith (1.0)


English I
English I Honors
English II
English II Honors
English III
English III Honors
AP English Language and Composition
English IV
English IV Honors
AP English Literature and Composition

Fine Arts

Art I
2D Design (0.5)
3D Design (0.5)
Painting (0.5)
Photography (0.5)
AP Studio Art
Strings Ensemble
Fundamentals of Music - LU (0.5)
Sight Singing - LU (0.5)
Music Theory I - LU (0.5)
Theatre Arts I
Theatre Arts II – (0.5 – Spring)
Intro to Technical Theatre - LU (0.5)
Theatrical Choreography - LU (0.5)

Foreign Languages

French I
French II
French III Honors
French IV Honors
Latin I
Latin II
Latin III Honors
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish II Honors
Spanish III Honors
Spanish IV Honors
Intermediate Spanish I,II LU (0.5)
Intermediate French I,II LU (0.5)


Algebra I
Algebra II
Algebra II Honors
Geometry Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Pre-College Algebra
Statistics (0.5)
Intro to College Algebra (0.5)
College Algebra – LU (0.5)
Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry - LU (0.5)
Calculus I – LU (0.5)
Calculus II – LU (0.5)
Calculus III LU (0.5)
Discrete Math – LU (0.5)
Elementary Statistics – LU (0.5)


Biology Honors
Chemistry Honors
AP Physics 1
Fundamentals of Physics – LU (0.5)
Environmental Science
Pre-Medical Sciences - Blended (0.5)
Human Anatomy and Physiology
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
Intro to Engineering LU (0.5)

Social Studies

World History and Geography
U.S. History and Geography
Economics (0.5)
Economics Blended (0.5)
U.S. Government (0.5)
U.S. Government Blended (0.5)
Psychology (0.5)
Contemporary Issues (0.5)
AP US Government and Politics
AP Human Geography
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics
AP Psychology
AP US History
Western Civilization I,II – LU (0.5)
World Civilization I,II - LU (0.5)
Intro to American Government – LU (0.5)
Society and the Law – LU (0.5)
Intro to Politics – LU (0.5)
Intro to Sociology – LU (0.5)


Personal Finance (0.5)
Personal Finance Online (0.5)
Online Computer Applications (0.5)
Intro to Computer-Aided Design (0.5)
Intro to Computer Programming
Journalism/The Pony Express
Health (0.5)
Healthful Living – LU (0.5)
Lifetime Fitness I, II (0.5)
Strength & Fitness (or Conditioning) (0.5)
Sports Team Participation (0.5)
Speech (0.5)
Intro to Communication - LU (0.5)
Intro to Philosophy - LU (0.5)
Intro to Computer Science - LU (0.5)

Summer Online Courses

US Government (0.5)
Economics (0.5)
Health (0.5)
Online Computer Applications (0.5)
Personal Finance (0.5)
Bible - Major and Minor Prophets (0.5)