ICC New Member Orientation Guidelines

Lipscomb University

It is essential that administrators, advisors, actives, and prospectives work together to make the New Member Orientation Process constructive and in keeping with Christian principles and the mission of the university. All parties to the process are individually responsible for maintaining the following regulations.

1.  New Member Orientation Period

a. Club presidents and advisors must present the Anti-hazing guidelines and New Member Orientation guidelines to all active members participating in rush and orientation activities. Each club member must sign a contract agreeing to the Tennessee state anti-hazing laws and Lipscomb University guidelines. 

b. A calendar of all New Member Orientation activities must be approved by the advisor, the Director of Greek Life and the deans of campus life before a club begins the New Member Orientation process on Bid Night.

c. All prospectives are required to attend prospective informational meeting. Advisors and club officers are invited to attend. The university’s anti-hazing policy will be distributed at this meeting.

d. Bid Night is the beginning of the 10 day orientation period. Prospective new members from each club will be introduced at Bid Night. 

e. New Member Orientation activities may begin after Bid Night and must conclude no later than 11:59 p.m. on the second Saturday following Bid Night. This deadline includes formal induction ceremonies, which must also be completed by 11:59 p.m. on the same date.

2.  New Member Orientation Schedule

a. New Member Orientation activities must begin no earlier than 7am Monday through Saturday. The only exception is for kidnap breakfast, which must be approved by the advisor and the office of campus life.

b. New Member Orientation activities may not occur before 1pm on Sundays. The only exception is for worship services on Sunday morning.

c. All New Member Orientation activities must end no later than 11pm Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

d. Advisors are to meet often with their club’s prospective new members, a minimum of once a week during New Member Orientation.

3.  Prospectives’ Personal Time

a. Because it is essential that prospective new members be given time to sleep, 11pm to 7am Sunday through Thursday, and midnight to 7am is considered personal time.

b. Actives may not require, expect, or ask a prospective to volunteer any of this time for any type of school, club, or New Member Orientation-related task or activity.

c. Actives may not contact the prospective new members during this time, even by phone or e-mail. The only exception to this policy is that the club president and or new member orientation chair may contact the prospective new members in the case of an emergency.

d. Advisors are expected to take an active role in insuring that each prospective be given adequate time to sleep and to study.

4.  Dedicated Study Time

a. Prospective new members will need to manage their time carefully during the 10 days of New Member Orientation and take advantage of their opportunities to study.

b. Additionally, club advisors, officers, and actives must insure that each prospective has a minimum of 2 hours of uninterrupted study time each day. These hours of study must not be scheduled before 7am or after curfew.

c. The club president is responsible for documenting this study time to the advisor and/or to the office of campus life.

5.  Curfew and Sign-Out

a. Prospective new members must be in their residence hall no later than 11pm on Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

b. Prospective new members are not permitted to sign-out of the residence halls (for a few hours or overnight) without permission of the office of campus life.

6.  Hazing

a. Under no circumstances can hazing, as described by the university student handbook, be permitted or encouraged.

b. The university, club advisor, club president, and all club members may be held legally liable in cases of hazing.

7.  Accountability for New Member Orientation Activities

a. Final responsibility for orientation activities rests with the advisor and club president.

b. All actives and prospective new members have the responsibility to insure that hazing does not take place.

c. Advisors must be aware of and approve all New Member Orientation activities in advance and work with the president to insure that the club’s New Member Orientation calendar is approved by the deans of campus life before any New Member Orientation activities begin.

d. New Member Orientation should be carefully planned in order to prevent spontaneous activities that may result in hazing or non-constructive activities. (Anything that happens during New Member Orientation is considered a New Member Orientation activity.) 

e. Advisors must be present at all key New Member Orientation activities including all induction or initiation activities. In the event that an advisor cannot be at a New Member Orientation activity, responsibility for the activity rests with the club president and the orientation chair, both of whom must be present for all activities that the advisor cannot attend.

f. The club president is responsible for timely communication to the office of Campus Life if a prospective new member is to become ill during the 10 day new member orientation period.

g. Advisors, club presidents, and orientation chair may, solely at their discretion, immediately suspend any activity. In addition advisors and club presidents may, at their discretion, immediately suspend any or all New Member Orientation privileges by their club or individual members.