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Explore the tabs on the left side of the page for undergraduate and graduate program resources. Additionally, student handbooks and directories for our Scholar programs (Florence, London, Santiago and Vienna) can be accessed through your myLipscomb account: Student Resources.

Faculty Resources

INTERESTED IN LEADING AN ACADEMIC TRIP (short-term travel course)?

Faculty are essential to Lipscomb University's increasing number of global learning experiences! Leading a global program requires more time and effort than an average course on campus but the rewards are invaluable. If you are interested in leading a domestic or international academic trip, we are here to help you through the process - from program proposal to marketing and all the way through to final evaluation.


  • 12-18 months prior to departure: contact Bonny O'Neill to set up an appointment to discuss your potential trip
  • Submit a Faculty Proposal Form (access it on our myLipscomb page) and preliminary budget to Bonny O'Neill
  • The following documents lay out all of the necessary information and steps to get you started planning your trip and can be accessed via our Global Learning page on myLipscomb:
    • Faculty Proposal Form
    • Faculty Checklist
    • Required Information
    • Third Party Providers Resource List
    • Pre-Trip Meetings Information
    • Risk Management & Insurance Info (Faculty Leader Version)
    • Risk Management & Insurance Info (Participant Version)
    • Budget Example (thorough version)
    • Budget Example (simple version)
    • ISOS Contact Information
    • ACE ID Card

Please access all of the above mentioned documents on the Global Learning page on your myLipscomb account under Faculty Resources:


Lipscomb’s Global Learning programs aren’t just for students. They also have a profound impact on the professors who accompany these students abroad each semester — and provide a unique opportunity for their families to also have the experience of living in a new culture.

Faculty who lead Lipscomb’s semester-long programs in London, EnglandVienna, AustriaSantiago, Chile; and Florence, Italy; not only teach several courses and facilitate other learning activities at those sites but also serve as “house parents” for students. Often, faculty bring their families along and become “family” to the Lipscomb students while studying abroad. You can read more about what it's like to be the faculty-in-residence here

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please contact Michael Winegeart for more information. (Please include your name, academic department, desired program location, and potential semesters in which you would be available to go abroad.)