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Global Graduate Programs

Global Graduate Programs are exclusively department specific and typically a requirement for degree completion. Graduate programs at Lipscomb recognize the need for global competency in a competitive job market and infuse the coursework with experiential learning and field trips in order to understand the field of study more fully in international settings and make important connections for internships and post-graduate work. Come explore the world with us and gain a competitive edge!

* If you are a full-time faculty member interested in leading a short-term travel course, please visit our Resources tab for more information.

ATTENTION: We are utilizing a new application system (Horizons-Simplicity).  To apply for one of the programs listed below, click on the "Application" button on the left.  This will take you to the Lipscomb Horizons login page.  If you are a new user, you will first need to create a profile by clicking "Register Now" under the Student Login tab.  Then, click "Search Programs" on the bar at the top to find the trip for which you are applying.  Click on the program info to view more trip specific information.

  1. EdD to Europe - multiple cities; Summer 2018
  2. Leadership & Public Service (LPS); Fall '17 trips (various locations)
  3. Global Manager (MM) - UAE (United Arab Emirates); December 2017
  4. Global Business (MBA) - Germany; May 2018
  5. Global Business (MBA) - Shanghai; May 2018
  6. Cannes Film Festival (Cinematic Arts, MA/MFA) - France; May 2018
  7. ICM to Europe - multiple cities; May 2018
  8. MAcc to TBD; October 2018


  • Due to the fact that the university subsidizes a portion of these trips' travel expenses with tuition dollars, if you apply your Lipscomb institutional scholarships, grants, employee discounts, and/or VA benefits, your program fee may increase.  You may contact Bonny O'Neill (Global Learning) or the Financial Aid Office to discuss specifics.  
  • NOTE: any subsidy that is applied to a trip for you is considered taxable income and the appropriate tax forms will be issued to you by the Business Office.  Read more about our Global Travel Policy here
  • Program costs can increase up to $500 if we experience significant fuel surcharges on airline tickets.