Placement Test for Modern Language Courses

All first-and second-year Modern Language courses require an override for students who are beginning their language study at the college level.

  • If you plan to study a language that you did not study in high school or at another college or university, you do not need to take a placement test. However, you will still need an override to register for the course you would like to take. Follow the steps listed below.
  • If you want to continue studying a language you took in high school, you will need to take a placement test before you can register, which allows us to match you with the course that best matches your language ability. The placement test is available in French, German, or Spanish as well as in English for those wishing to evaluate their English language skills.  The test, which focuses on reading and writing only, is given online and can be found at:

The cost of the test is $10 and usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the test, you will immediately receive your score. Please note that the placement test does not award credit (see below for information about the CLEP test).

All students beginning a language course should follow these steps:

  1. If you took a placement test, find your score’s place in the list below.
  2. Email the professor teaching the course to request an override; if you took the placement test, include a screenshot of your score. Be sure to specify the section as well as the course (e.g., FR 1124-01). Closed (full) classes cannot be overridden.
  3. Once the professor has done the override, you can register for that course.

You may also email Dr. Kimberly Reed, the chair of the department, with an override request.

Transfer students who received a "C" or higher in a four-or five-hour language course at another university may continue in that language without taking a placement test.

Placement Score Test Ranges

Placement scores for Spanish
0-295 Elementary Spanish 1
296-353 Elementary Spanish 2
354-439 Intermediate Spanish I
440 or above Intermediate Spanish II
Placement Scores for French
0-234 Elementary French I
235-319 Elementary French II
320-394 Intermediate French I
395 or above Intermediate French II
Placement Scores for German
0-291 Elementary German I
292-383 Elementary German II
384-491 Intermediate German I
492 or above Intermediate German II

The placement test itself does not give college credit, but it may save you time and money by indicating that you are likely (or not so likely) to pass a CLEP test, which is given by the testing center located in the Academic Success Center. Go to for more information. You must take a CLEP test before you begin the course for which you want to receive credit.