Musical expression is one of the most natural, yet to some, intimidating human activities. Competence creates confidence, breaking down barriers and helping students gain a greater appreciation and love of music and music making. We strive at all grade levels to provide basic instruction for each child to realize their potential. Elementary students are given an active, hands-on experience that utilizes the voice, playing instruments, and movement as teaching tools. Orff instruments are used extensively in a curriculum that also relates with other subject areas. As students progress through Middle School, there are more elective choices. Strings class begins in 5th grade, Band begins in the 6th grade and Chorus is offered in every middle school grade level. In addition to these ensembles, exploratory experiences in guitar, keyboards, drumming, songwriting, with use of technology and field trips to enhance classroom instruction, and much more are available.

In High School more performance ensembles are offered, including Concert Band, Pep Band, Strings Ensemble, Chorale and Concert Choruses. Advanced music students have the opportunity their senior year to take University Music Fundamentals and Theory I in the actual university classes. University professors frequently engage with Lipscomb Academy music faculty to provide the very best in musical instruction. In addition to our own Acuff Chapel Theater, ensembles perform in a variety of venues, both at Lipscomb University and in the community.

Students are guided by an experienced faculty of music specialists at all grade levels who love God, students and making music. Click this link to see a special rehearsal from a recent performance. The Music Academy at Lipscomb Academy provides the opportunity to also take private music instruction on our campuses outside of the school day from a highly qualified adjunct staff of instructors.