Where Creativity Is Balanced By Craft

We believe that artistic expression can be one of the most satisfying ways to explore ourselves, our world, and our faith. We incorporate the arts into a balanced curriculum so that students can develop their talents, celebrate acts of creativity, and discover inspiration everywhere.

Whether it’s painting or playing an instrument, learning to sing or act in a scene, your child will explore a broad spectrum of the fine arts. At each grade level, students experience music, creative dramatics, and visual art. We balance classroom instruction with hands-on experience, emphasizing arts history, appreciation, and technique. Our goal is always to help students learn to enjoy and appreciate the arts and the act of creating, regardless of where their talents lie.

In the early grades, students begin with the basics taught by our experienced faculty who are accomplished artists in their own right. When they reach middle- and high-school, students have more elective and extracurricular choices to help them build competence and confidence. Regular performance and exhibitions—both on campus and off—showcase their abilities for a live audience.

Our connection with Lipscomb University enables young talents to participate in the arts at a level well beyond their years. They can study with University professors, practice in state-of-the-art rehearsal halls, perform in professionally equipped venues, and attend college-level shows.