Church of Christ Scholarships

Employment-Based Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Lipscomb University offers tuition awards to undergraduate students whose parent is employed full-time (40 hours per week, primary paid vocation) in certain Christian works that are associated with the Churches of Christ.  Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative Lipscomb GPA, live on campus each semester, enroll full time (12+ hours) each semester, file a FAFSA each year and provide employment verification annually to the Lipscomb Financial Aid Office.

These awards are available to children who are less than 25 years of age and are considered dependent for federal income tax purposes.  Married children are not eligible.  These awards are subject to all GPA and probation restrictions as described in the Lipscomb University Undergraduate Catalog and are available only for the customary duration of an academic program. The scholarships are available to children whose parents are employed in the following full-time roles: 

  • Church of Christ Minister
  • Church of Christ Youth Minister
  • Church of Christ Missionaries—must be living full time in a foreign country.
  • Employed by member school of the National Christian School Association (K-12 or University Level)
    National Christian School Association Directory

Church Match Scholarship Program

Lipscomb University will match any amount up to $500 (per year) that a Church of Christ contributes to a first-time freshman's education at Lipscomb.

If you have any questions concerning the grants or scholarships listed above, please contact Tamera Spivey at for more information.